Rotary Research Update

To everyone who participated in a survey in 2014, thank you!  Your participation in surveys is important:  Below, please see highlights of 2014 survey results and announcements of upcoming 2015 surveys.

Upcoming 2015 Surveys


Assessment of Services Provided by Rotary’s Headquarters and Regional Offices

Member dues to Rotary International (RI) fund many services provided by Rotary’s headquarters in Evanston/Chicago, IL, USA and official regional offices around the world.  This survey asks whether Rotary is providing the right services in the right places to serve members in the right way.  A random sample of Rotarians and Rotaractors will be invited to participate in this survey.


RI Strategic Measures:  Membership Feedback Survey

In October 2014, Rotary’s Board of Directors implemented comprehensive metrics to regularly measure progress towards the goals of the RI Strategic Plan. As part of this ongoing commitment to measure progress, a random selection of members around the world will receive a survey that asks about satisfaction with various aspects of their club and Rotary as a whole.

June – July

2015 São Paulo Convention / Pre-Convention Evaluation

This survey will ask attendees about their experiences at the 2015 Convention and/or Pre-Convention in Sao Paulo.  This survey will be emailed to attendees after the convention ends.


Highlights of 2014 Results

Rotary Strategic Plan Survey

In March 2014, over 10,000 Rotarians provided their feedback on a variety of Rotary strategic planning topics.  Results indicate that Rotarians agree with the goals and priorities of the RI strategic plan, are proud to be members of Rotary and proud of Rotary’s efforts to end polio.  Areas of opportunity include concerns about membership growth/decline, membership diversity, awareness of new online tools, and frustration with “old-fashioned” processes and bureaucracy.   The full Strategic Plan Survey Results report can be read on

Club Invoicing Survey

In May 2014, Rotary conducted a survey of 18,000 club officers on their experiences and perceptions of the new membership reporting and dues payment processes.  87% were in favor of the changes, and nearly half of all respondents said the new process would have no impact on their current reporting or dues payment process.  88% anticipated no challenges in reporting their membership changes within 30 days.  The new process began in January 2015.  Questions about this research or about the new club invoicing and membership reporting process can be directed to

Survey of Rotary Alumni

In July 2014, RI’s Alumni Relations team surveyed former Rotary program participants, current Rotaractors, and former Rotaract club members.  The objective was to collect information about the quality of alumni engagement with Rotary and alumni perceptions of Rotary.  The survey revealed that 43% of alumni respondents were contacted by a Rotarian in the past year.  However, 34% of respondents said they were “not sure” if they wanted to join a Rotary/Rotaract club.  11% of respondents said they were “not at all” interested in joining Rotary.  These and other findings from the survey will be used to improve and expand Rotary’s engagement strategies with alumni. and Online Tools

To better understand barriers to using Rotary’s website (, Rotary held focus groups at the 2014 Convention and conducted a survey in July 2014.  A total of 4,388 Rotarians and Rotaractors from 130 countries participated in the survey.  When asked to “help Rotary prioritize areas for improvement,” respondents viewed the following as most important to do:

  • Increase awareness of the content and activities that can be completed on
  • Improve the search function and make it easier to find content on the website
  • Communicate more about why to use

The survey also gathered feedback and recommendations for improvement for each of’s online tools (My Rotary, Rotary Club Central, Online Grants Application, Rotary Showcase, etc.)  The findings from the research are being used to improve the website and online tools.

Rotary Research Update is sent to district governors, governors-elect, assistant governors, Rotary coordinators, Rotary public image coordinators, regional Rotary Foundation coordinators, and all assistant coordinators.   To thank respondents for their participation in surveys in 2014 and announce upcoming surveys, this edition of the Rotary Research Update has also been sent to club officers and members who received a survey invitation in 2014.  If you have questions about this update or Rotary research initiatives, please ask us at