President Message 7th October 2018

Hello, Fellow Rotarians and Namaste.


Happy World Teacher’s Day – October 5th to all our Teachers in Rotary.  “The greatest gift in life is an education given by a great teacher”  Roshni Prasad Sinha. A teacher or “Guru” comes in many forms.  A person who has complete knowledge of a subject and succinctly imparts that knowledge.

I am certain we all remember the moment a teacher made a difference in our lives and now we are also making a difference in so many lives.

One of our guest at the meeting last Wednesday was Charlotte Carter who was the FIRST exchange student to our Northlakes Toukley Club from the U.S.A!  It was her first overseas trip and the first time on a plane! She had to make several stops before she arrived in Sydney, there was no direct flight at that time! She even kept the Rotary brochure!  That education changed her life.  It was such an informative evening and we were all spellbound at her recollection of events. I am so grateful to Dawn, from the Iris Foundation for giving us this opportunity to welcome  Charlotte who has stayed in touch with her host family, our own Dawn’s family.  Our neighborhood has changed over the 40 plus years and she could not believe the growth. It took several hours to get here from Sydney!

Thank you to both of you for coming and to Charlotte for such an informative evening. Welcome back to modern Australia.!

Our next guest speaker was Sudip from the Didi Foundation.  It was a pleasure to meet him and he gave us insight into all aspects of the Foundation. Sudip did an excellent presentation.  It was amazing to see all the accomplishments, very well done.  Welcome to Australia again.!

Jan congratulations! You have done remarkably well, we were very impressed with all your accomplishments and the empowerment of women,  They are opening their own businesses and employing people!  Literacy is such an important part of your foundation that elderly women want to learn, how great is that!

It was impressive that Annette and her family gave enabled you to buy your own property instead of renting.  It was heartwarming to realize that a little helping hand can make such a huge difference.

On September 25th, we had the Shed Opening at Camp Toukley, the Northlakes Toukley Rotary Club Plaque was unveiled by MP Emma McBride. (see photos below)

It was our 2017 major project and initiated by PP David Knight, and Peter worked on the grant applications enabling the club to complete this project under budget hence, saving the club a lot of money. Thank you, Peter, for doing such great work.

It is a great addition to  Camp Toukley to have this shed. It was well attended by Rotarians and Camp Toukley Staff and Volunteers.

It was good to see Martyn, Centre Manager and meet with the Chairman  Mr. Nelson Green and the Managing Director Mr. Alex Worley. Thank you Luke Willersdorf, acting Centre Manager for the warm welcome, introduction and morning tea which was provided by staff and volunteers.

Thank you to Lillian Hodges for joining us, it was a pleasure to see you.  Please feel free to join us anytime.

It was good to see Doreen and she will be a member very soon.

Jenny, thank you for the update for Golf Day October 19th,  under the circumstances you are doing a great job. We will help as much as we can and I am certain Rotarians will be there for you.

Brett, thank you for the summary, it was comprehensive and self-explanatory,  and those Rotarians who not present will probably get them by email.

Our Movie night is on Nov 7th at Lakehaven, Cinema  Bohemian Rhapsody, please attend, it is an excellent movie.

Peter and Torrin, thank you for the Activity Planner and I  am certain the others will follow soon!

Thank you to all the Rotarians for attending, our venue changed to the Boardroom but it was a very relaxing, informative and enjoyable evening.

Thank you for all the apologies.

We hope Maurie is feeling better and we will see him soon.

I was not able to go to Merriwa yesterday for the Hay donation because of the rain, how ironic!  however,   I will not say rain, rain, go away!. I  know AG David Rivett will forward us the photographs taken of the delivery.

Thank you to all who helped to improvise for the meeting.

Yours in Rotary,