President Message 5th September 2018

Hello Rotarians and Namaste.

Our last meeting on September 5th was -International Day of Charity declared by the United Nation.

” It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”  Mother Theresa.

Our club and Rotary are showing by example that   “Charity begins at home” by supporting our farmers. There could not be a better day for our DG  Susan Wakefield to visit us.

It was my pleasure to welcome our DG Susan Wakefield and introduce her to our club members. She attended our Board meeting as well and was apprised of our many events, she was surprised at the amount, each one of them makes for Rotary.

Torin explained our Christmas tree sales, Mitch about our Race Day the members explained the amount Golf Day usually collect. The citizenship awards headed by Bruce Thompson and Debbie. Jenny has spearheaded the Raffel tickets which is a huge success and  Peter is now on board helping with that as well as the many things he is involved in doing for our club.

He is instrumental in getting our Camp Toukley Shed project and finances organized and the opening is on September 25th at 10 am at Camp Toukley (see details below), please Rotarians make an effort to be present. Our Past President David Knight was the architect of this project.

In our club, most members are involved spending countless hours in time and effort and it should be documented. We were pleased to tell her about all the Charities we support and other things we do in the community.  Jackie explained about the Bowel Cancer Kit as well as the Christmas gifts we distribute to women’s’ shelters with the help of Ray White Real estate.

Maurie explained about the Cararoo Foundation and Jan about the Didi Foundation. Mitch was acknowledged by Max Potential with a sponsor certificate.  Dr Kylie Twyford was the coach and mentor with Max Potential and it is a great organization helping youth.

DG Susan wants us to get on My Rotary website and I agree.

She enjoyed the evening and was pleased to see the camaraderie and friendly banter among our Rotarians. She emphasized the membership drive.  She reiterated my sentiment that our present Rotarians are  most important and without each one of them we would not be such a vibrant club or a club at all.

DG Susan gave us an update about the Drought relief and in collaboration with Channel 9,  the amount now is $9.5 million dollars!  Well done Rotary and I am certain that the help will continue.

To that effect, RCNT has committed $3000 to the Merriwa Project.  This was from our club but also due to the generous donation of two of our members Maurie and Gavin both giving $1000 each.  I had forwarded the information from Canada to our members and the response  was encouraging.  Our members agreed to $1000. Thank you to all our members. We are still committed to $10,000 to the Drought -relief.

On Saturday we received the following thank you from AG David Rivett Gosford North Rotary, with regards to Merriwa Project.

Hi Rosalyn 

WOW!!! Thank you so much, that is fantastic news. I will let our Drought Relief Committee know as your contribution should get us over the line and give us enough money to proceed with the Hay for Merriwa project. 

This project was initially an idea of Gosford West Rotary, which they brought to our Drought Relief Committee as an idea for a combined Central Coast Rotary Clubs Project; and at various times we were worried we would not raise enough to proceed with this Project, however due to financial support from almost all Central Coast Rotary Clubs and a fantastic donation like your Club’s donation we should have enough to proceed. 

Please pass on our thanks to both Maurie and Gavin for their wonderful contribution and also to your Club for their very generous donation and support for this project.  Your email has really has made my weekend look a lot brighter despite the weather. 

Thank you once again. I will keep you updated on progress with this project. 

Thank you & regards


We also had the privilege of having Past DG John Wakefield and Assistant DG Annonna Pearce as our guests. Past DG John spoke about the “Gracie’s Place”, which is a place for children affected by homicide. HVSA – Homicide Victim’s Support Group (Aust) Inc. will be the first residential trauma recovery centre operated by HVSA. He was in the Police Force and knows first hand the trauma involved.

I would like to thank A.DG Annonna for helping our club get ready for the DG.  It was smooth sailing because of your effort and with Stuart getting all the forms filled and sent on time. It was fortuitous that Doreen Fender was present again at Rotary. It was our pleasure to welcome Doreen who is already a Rotarian and wants to join our club.  We wholeheartedly welcome her to RCNT.  I hope DG Susan acknowledges the fact that we are taking her advice to heart – literally!

We already have a new member!.

I would like to thank the following Board Members for making a special effort to be here on this day, Maurie, Mitch, Annette, Jackie, Debbie, Jan, Torin and David.  Thank you, David, for stepping in for Stuart as secretary. Apologies from Stuart and Brett both had work obligations but I missed them, especially on this day.  Jenny is busy with her new job and getting golf organized with Peter helping. Please, Rotarians do lend a hand on Golf day.

Thank you to Maurie and club members for setting up for the meeting. I would also like to thank Rasik for looking after John and Annonna while Susan was at the Board Meeting and also to members for taking care or Doreen.

We were approached by the HOT ROD organization who want to be part of the Drought relief and want Rotary to be part of their project. They will be speaking on September 19th.  This will be very interesting especially for the car enthusiast in our club with all of us reminiscing about the good old days!

On that note, I drove a muscle car- Mustang 2019, convertible on the California Highway with my son Shami!   Well, tell you later about the speed! I had never driven a convertible nor a Mustang, but now I am ready to drive a Hot Rod! I am looking forward to the next meeting.