Membership & Marketing Committee

Membership Committee Meeting


Maurie, Bruce, Jan, Debbie, Brett, Justin (apology)

Opening Comments: Maurie was quite disappointed that no action had taken place since previous meeting 25th July 2019. Due to lack of agenda Maurie presented the “PICKING UP ON WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING” (see below) and the committee worked through this list to see where RCNT is positioned and what changes we can implement with some urgency in 2020. The following minutes are short, detailed to be implemented into Visioning as one of the “quick” implementation items.

  1. Maurie presented the points below  to start the discussions with regards to Membership. Comments are highlighted in YELLOW, to save time.
  2. Key next steps that were agreed and discussed while reviewing list:
    1. As soon as we can try a new format meeting:
      1. Meeting start time 6.30pm
      1. Organise your own dinner
      1. Club business 30 minutes
      1. Social discussion OR any projects but informal.
        1. NO banners
        1. NO club presentation
        1. NO Piggy
        1. NO Fining
    1. Another Option – select a couple of 3rd Wednesday in 2020 and see if any members want to organise a meeting (location / venue / topic / etc.).
    1. Maurie has offered to make contact with a E Rotary club and get details on how they operate. This should be an experiment we conduct in first 6 months of 2020.
    1. Move Board Meetings to on of the free Wednesdays in month. Have Board members host the meeting, the last couple have been at Maurie’s house and worked quite well.
    1. Focus on getting “Friends Of Rotary” established.
    1. We need to create a number of short videos – Maurie to follow this up.
    1. We need to Jazz up our social media / marketing etc. Maurie will be making this priority in 2020. We need new Marketing / Membership / Social Media members and should make an effort to track down these people. Initially as Friends of Rotary.

NOTE: We should pick something above and see if we can organise something for 5th February 2020 meeting. I am recommending 2b above as a starting point. Should make decision at AGM. – The END meeting closed at 6pm.


Maurie’s wish list for Membership PICKING UP ON WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING

  1. Branding making sure all RCNT marketing (pull-ups / banners / letter head / Etc.) has the same look. NO mistake it is RCNT.  THIS IS HAPPENING
  2. Membership declining serious problem.
    1. Why members leaving?  QUESTION THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED
    1. Why are we not getting more members? QUESTION  WHY
  3. Why do we have problems attracting new members?
    1. What do we need to change?
      1. Take a closer look at some of the taboo Rotary customs: WE ARE DOING THIS ALL THE TIME STILL NEED TO MAKE CHANGES
      1. Public Image – understanding what we do / are women welcome etc. NEEDS LOTS OF WORK, WE DO NOT DO THIS WELL
      1. Meetings:
        1. Same Time / same place / weekly etc. NEEDS CHANGE
        1. Must attend these meetings? WHY? NEEDS CHANGE
        1. Cost – membership / meals / raffles / other – GOOD POINT
        1. Meeting times – fit into person’s life style – AGREE
        1. Food choice / venue / access etc. NEED OPTIONS
        1. Rotary rituals (grace / toasting / fining etc) – THIS IS CHANGING
        1. Rotary custom bits (signs / flags / bells / piggy etc.) – CHANGING
        1. Time for meeting – normally takes between 1.5 to 2 hrs – ??
        1. Board meetings / committee meetings etc. There is a feeling that people we target for Rotary have problems managing time (time poor) – Time people allocate must be effective.
        1. Time we hold meeting and people we want to attract to Rotary. Holding meeting in evening will clash with family life. GOOD POINT
        1. Core business is service NOT meetings. Guest speakers NO longer big ticket item – Internet replacing good speakers. FAIR COMMENT
        1. How professional are meetings run, agenda etc.
        1. People don’t want to come to meetings, happy to help work on projects. Volunteers (Friends Of Rotary) A VERY GOOD POINT SHOULD HAVE HIGH PRIORITY
      1. Need more flexible ways to meet – have to change the “system” our obsession to meet has to change, quote from presentation I have seen:

“Our obsession with meetings is the single biggest issue we need to address. While meetings remain at the centre of our Rotary universe we will continue to lose relevance and we will continue to lose members”

  • Focus on volunteers, where people do not have to attend meetings that is what I tried to do at last years awards night and changeover.Flexibility / meeting options / break the rulesRotary rule change must meet at least twice a month (big change), mix it up consider having meetings different locations / times etc.RE_ENGINEERING ROTARY:  not meeting just for the sake of having a meeting. Meetings are Social / Projects / training / service activities etc. – re-engineering to meet a new generation of members.
    • Challenge – one meeting a month do something different. Meet at someone’s house, BBQ at a park, visit another club, help a charity, meet for breakfast (invite prospects/volunteers) JUST BE DIFFERENT. Having Board meetings at my house is a good example of starting something different.


Re-think relevance of Rotary in our COMMUNITY.