Members Survey

Members’ Survey

This is a confidential survey only for Rotarians of Northlakes Toukley Rotary Club and your thoughts and ideas will remain private. You will not be able to be identified at any time.

It would be appreciated if surveys be completed and submitted no later than 5th May 2015


Members' Survey

Survey of members registered with Northlakes Toukley Rotary Club for the Rotary Year 2015-16
  • Are you satisfied with the current venue for our meetings and events?
  • If NO would you outline your reasons and make suggestions for an alternative venue.
  • Select the boxes of the club events you felt were a success in 2014-15
  • Select the boxes of those events you would like to see reinstated or continued in 2015-16
  • If you have any ideas for activities or special events use the box below. Please give the title of your event/activity and a brief outline of how it would work
  • Select the box that suits you best. I would like to attend meetings.....
  • Club Meetings in 2015-16 are planned to be held every week. The weekly meeting will be held irrespective of Board Meetings and other events. Would you try to attend every week if the above plan is implemented?
  • Select the box that represents your main reason for attending
  • Outline any other reasons in the box below
  • The current club fee is $260 per annum ($130 half year) which is comparatively very good compared to many clubs in the district. The fee has remained the same for at least the last five years. Select the box that you would like to see happen for 2015-16
  • The current cost per meeting is $20. Note: the cost of a meal at the current venue will rise by $3 from July. Select the box that represents your thoughts on this issue.
  • If you have other thoughts or ideas around this issue use the box below.
  • Select the box that represents your preference.
  • Select the boxes of the Rotary traditions you would like reintroduced or continued
  • Select the charities you would like the club to support in 2015-16. Jenny would like the club members to nominate charities they favour as a guide for the Board in 2015-16
  • In the box below list any charities you feel we should support that we have never given funds to in the past.
  • If you have any additional thoughts or comments please use the box below