Max Potential

Julie has asked me to formally thank RCNT for the hospitality and for allowing her to attend our meeting to talk about Max Potential.

Max Potential (MP) is a community-based program aimed at growing young leaders in local communities. It connects young people with other leaders in their local community. This means that young adults have the opportunity to work with someone who genuinely cares about their future and will invest in it. The local clubs support MP as a community initiative in each local area, giving young people the opportunity to get involved.  This program has been running for 9 years in the Wyong Shire and has provided scholarships to over 150 young people in that time.  Year 11 students who are successful with scholarships are matched with a volunteer coach from the community.  Full training for community coaches is provided.  Program is 22 weeks and runs from March to August each year.  The total time invested by each coach is approximately 40 hours over the 22 weeks.  Each young adult completes a community service project as well as developing their personal leadership skills.  In the Wyong Shire we have had an inconsistent level of support from schools, clubs and volunteers but over 2015 and 2016 the support for the program has really ramped up but we are not there yet.  Our ambition is to have 20 young people in the 2017 program at a cost of $50.975 with current committed funding of $31,975, we are working hard to fill for shortfall.  Anyone interested in providing time as a community coach is welcomed to contact Julie Stevens, Program Manager on 0414 402780.  Scholarships are $2,195+GST and more sponsors are needed to ensure we achieve the objective to support 20 students next year so if anyone is aware of an organisation, group or individual that might be willing to support Julie would also be happy to talk with them.