Lorelle & Bruce Travel Blog – Leaving UK

Hi guys,

Another week has flown by. This time our road trip has taken us around the UK and into northern Wales.

After flying into Manchester from Dublin we picked up our hire car and made our way to Ashbourne where we spent 5 days with Phil’s family. After roaming around the local area for the weekend, where one of the highlights was a walk up a very steep hill called the Thorpe something. From there we could look out over the countryside – Derbyshire. It was a very popular weekend hiking trail with loads of people taking advantage of the warm weather.

We also visited Chatsworth House and gardens. Very nice, except it reinforced my belief that the really really wealthy sometimes lose their good taste in their effort to show off their great wealth.

We packed up and set off for north Wales to a place called Llandudno. Right on the coast and beautiful. If we hadn’t booked accommodation ahead, I could have stayed there a few more days. Whilst¬† there we drove a short way to Conwy – no I haven’t spelt it wrong, where David was able to reminisce about his family history. And another castle of course.

Then off south to Hereford for a look around. Then to Warminster, near Bath, where we spent 2 nights – more walking and visiting Stourhead House and Gardens – more history but we loved the gardens. It was a great day.

Our initial idea was to drive down to the Cornwall area but it didn’t come off. Absolutely everyone advised against it. It is holiday time in Britain and apparently it is horrendous trying to get anywhere near the area, and there would be no accommodation to be had. I did hear they are blocking off a lot of the towns and only allowing a certain number of cars in at a time. Judging by what we have encountered everywhere, I tend to believe what I’m hearing. Oh well, we’ll just have to come back some other time. Anyone want to join us?

Today, was I the day I was dreading – the drive into London. We managed really well all the way to our hotel. But we missed the turn into the car park. An hour later, we changed our plans and dropped the car off at the designated spot and caught a cab to the hotel. The problem? Traffic chaos – we knew where we were trying to go but the roads and the system was abominable.

If you think traffic is getting bad in Australia, just come to Ireland and England. Boy, do they have a problem. Both in the country and in the city. Remind me to tell you about it sometime. I have been trying to come up with an answer to the problem – where else do you drive along a motorway where there are constant warnings of probable delays for the next 10 miles or something? And where else does a simple roundabout in the country take 20 minutes to get around?

So, having reached our hotel, things improved. We found a fantastic walk along a canal in Islington. It was so lovely, watching canal boats going through locks, seeing the locals relaxing at the pub or fishing along the canals in the sun.

Now we are resting up. Found a nice crepe place for dinner tonight. Then it’s off to France in the morning. (Thank goodness the Eurostar train strike is not affecting our particular train tomorrow. We were worried for a while but we have been lucky.)

As usual, I’ll attach a couple of photos.