Cararoo Foundation Update

Maurie visits Cararoo Foundation project in Philippines July-August 2018
I had not visited the Philippines for over 12 months, in that time we took the opportunity to achieve many goals that were agreed at 2016 Board Meeting:
1. Outsource village nursery. This has been achieved with Springboard Foundation taking over running and management of nursery. Reducing number of children by 35.
2. Review all sponsored children annual school results, with any children not achieving at least 80% given 6 months to improve or be terminated from sponsorship program. 18 children were terminated over the last 18 months.
3. Encourage children graduating high school to stay on for another 2 years and attend senior high school. Children who do not stay on will not be considered for college.
4. For school year 2018-19 we have 40 children attending elementary and high school, 6 children in senior high school and 4 in college.
5. Cararoo manager and volunteers who help run the Foundation to take over more of the day to day decisions. This is happening and is proving to be a success.
Trip Report:
1. It was the rainy season so typhoons, rain and wind were the order of the day. I was unable to visit the squatter village due to floods, so we had to transport the children to a friends house so I could meet with them.
a. Village Floods – following photographs show just how bad it gets. The village being on the banks of a creek, or as we call it in Australia water easement each time they get heavy rain the village floods. You can see our village canteen and learning centre under water:


b. Having dinner with 3 young ladies now in full time employment, who started with Cararoo as part of the sponsorship program, graduating high school and college. Below the mail pictures are they girls when they started with Cararoo back in 2011.


c. Now in our 13 year, a proud moment for Cararoo Foundation founder Maurie Schokman to catch up with top 5 students for 2017-18 school year. These students are achieving over 90% in all subjects. Rhomelyn Largo 91.00%, Rowel Dela Cruz 92.00%, Juaqui Calumpang 90.50% Plus Cararoo Maths Award, Princess Pintor 93.00%, Jimmy Segura 90.41%. Well done all students.

d. Alan Atkins writing award. To honor one of our founding members who passed in 2013 the Board agreed to hold an annual writing competition (a passion of Alan’s) for students aged 14 to 18, short story, 500 to 1,000 words. We had 5 finalist with the winner Rhomelyn Ann Largo (age 14) who received Alan Atkins trophy plus PHP3,000, 2nd Princess Sarah Pintor (age 15) who received PHP1,000 & 3 finalist who each received PHP500 Abegail Onas (age 17), Angelica Sualog (age 18), Rowel Dela Cruz (age 17). All cash prizes were donations. First picture Alan Atkins (taken 2010) & Maurie Schokman.
Award presented to Rhomelyn by Helen Atkins and Cararoo Chairperson Cynthia Tinitigan.

e. Group Photograph:

Now in our 13th year the foundation is doing well. Our goals are to make the operation in the Philippines more self sufficient with at least 50% of the funds required to run the foundation being raised in the Philippines. We also want to focus on higher education  and those children who achieve an annual grade over 80%. While in Philippines I spoke with 3 companies who will consider on the job training and cadetship positions for those children attending  senior high school. We have also appointed a teacher to  provide English language training for those children in senior high school giving them a better opportunity to get full time employment in areas like IT.

Our sponsorship manager Ian and chairperson Cynthia are doing an excellent job.

Attended Sister Club RCMD President Induction:

Along with sister clubs from Malaysia and Korea we signed sister club agreement. We have done this as a standard for over 10 years.;