21st June, 2015


President's Message

 A Rotary Changeover Dinner conducted, in June each year and by every Rotary club in the world, is a time when the Chain of Office is passed from President to the next. It is also a time  to reflect on the achievements of the past year and equally a time of rebirth and invigoration for what will be achieved in the next twelve months.

I would like to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity and privilege to be President of the Rotary Club of Northlakes Toukley for the past twelve months. My appreciation and thanks to my board members for your support and guidance throughout the year. A special thanks to Secretary, Bruce Thompson and  Treasure , Justin Dover for all your reliable & helpful support, not to mention your counsel , throughout the year;  Administration Director, Torin O’Grady for organising the Club’s meeting programs and managing meeting attendance; Lyn Thompson for your  energy & creativity in the Directorships  of Membership and Public Relations ;  Foundation Director Ken Smith and Web/Face Book extraordinaire ;  and  to Mitch Cowan , Director Community Service/Projects who , quietly in the background , made sure I  held it all together as the Board dealt with a few difficult issues. Committee Chairs and committee members, thank you for your dedication to your committees and for the work achieved in the past year.

I am sure our Rotary Club will have an exciting year under the leadership of PE Jenny Abourizk and I extend my best wishes to Jenny and her team for a successful year ahead.

Again a sincere thank you to all members of the Rotary Club of Northlakes Toukley for your support, encouragement and willing assistance to me throughout my year as President.

Best wishes

Peter McCloskey

Club President 


This Week


Last Week

Combined Board meeting of 2014-15 and 2015-16 Board of Directors.


Next Week

1st July

Club Forum.

An opportunity to be part of planning the year ahead and to join and participate in the committees that are the backbone of our club.


Jan Pryor - NBN TV News Interview.

Jan was interviewed on NBN television News about her Nepal experience and her immediate  plans for the future. 

Here is an introduction to that interview and a link to hear the full interview.


 By: Georgina Smyth June 20, 2015 in Central Coast News, Mid North News, Newcastle News, North West News, 

A Central Coast woman caught in April’s Nepal earthquake has recalled the terrifying moments the earth shook.

Jan Pryor, who will return to the devastated country next week, says she thought she was going to die, as she waited to be rescued.

Hear the full interview



 Nigeria and the whole continent of Africa is on the cusp of being polio free, Dr. Hamid Jafari told audience members at the Rotary Convention on 8 June in São Paulo, Brazil.

Between 2013 and 2014, the reported cases of polio dropped from 53 to just six in Nigeria. Even more encouraging, said Jafari, is that the last case of polio in Nigeria was reported in July of last year and the last case in all of Africa was reported in Somalia in August.

To read the whole story and view a video of Bill Gates (pictured), co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as he congratulates Rotary on its unwavering commitment to eradicating polio..........

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