31st May, 2015



The Concept of Vocational Service

The Object of Rotary is a philosophical statement of Rotary’s purpose and the responsibilities of Rotarians. The concept of vocational service is rooted in the Second Object, which calls on Rotarians to “encourage and foster”:

• High ethical standards in business and professions

• The recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations

• The dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as an opportunity to serve society

 Inturn,  vocational training and professional development Rotary’s guiding principles emphasize the importance of work. Work provides people with a livelihood and gives them dignity, and society benefits from having all of its members employed in a manner that maximizes their talents and ambitions. It should therefore come as no surprise that those who join Rotary clubs are committed to promoting professional development. Rotarians can pursue this commitment through activities that enhance their own knowledge, and by guiding and training others to find gainful, fulfilling employment.

 Last week we advanced  the Fourth Avenue of Service – Vocational Service through our annual vocational awards night incorporating -

•                 Pride of Workmanship Awards

•                 Service Above Self Award

•                 Vocational Excellence Award

 Congratulations to Rotarian Jan Pryor & Past President Annette D’Adam  who worked so hard to ensure a very entertaining and extremely successful night .  My congratulations also to the recipients of the awards.  Further on in this Newsletter you will find a full coverage of the night.

 This week we have another very interesting meeting.  Jan Pryor will be informing us of her experiences during the devastating earthquake in Nepal and updating us on the work of the Didi Foundation and Bright Future Children's Home.  We will also be inducting three new members, one of the most important and satisfying occasions for any club.

Peter McCloskey


This Week

3rd June

This week we will hearing from our own Jan Pryor.  Jan will tell us how our support has 'shone a light on the Didi Foundation' through the installation of solar panels at Bright Future Children's Home and the Women's Centre.

Jan will also tell us of her harrowing experience of being caught in the midst of the recent Nepal earthquake disaster.

New member's induction ceremony


Last Week

Annual Awards Night

Last week we held one of the most important events in our Rotary calendar, our Annual Awards Night.  On this occasion we are able to celebrate and recognise those members of our community that have achieved beyond expectation in their chosen vocation.

As well as the awardees much of the success of the night must go to the organisers and hosts Past President Annette D'Adam and Rotarian Jan Pryor whose hard work in preparing for the event ensured an extremely successful and entertaining night.

Thanks also to guest presenter Past District Governor Graeme Davies whose presence is always appreciated and enjoyed by our club.

Congratulations to all our awardees. 
Pride of Workmanship Award: Jennifer Ehlers, Erica Voorwinde, Leslie Kirkwood, Theresa Noble, Nicole Thompson, Corey Thompson, David Galea
Neville Royal Service Above Self Award: Pamela Stair
Ralph Bryant Vocational Excellence Award: Terry Taylor


Next Week

10th June

Benefactors' Dinner

This is another of our important events where we take the opportunity to thank those individuals, businesses and organisations that have helped our club to help our community through their donations, time and in kind support.

It is also the time in which we distribute much of the funds we have raised throughout the year to those charities and organisations that we are supporting.

Make sure you come along and see the results of your club in action.


Important Dates For Your Diary

Wed 3rd June    -  Speaker- Jan presenting on Nepal plus new member inductions
Wed 10th June  - Benefactors' Dinner
Tue 16th June  - Combined Board Meeting (note change of date)
Wed 24th June  - Change Over- Kooindah Waters


Cararoo Foundation

Northlakes Toukley Rotarian Maurie Schokman and Cararoo COO, in Manila Philippines  to help with organisation and start of the new school year. Children were treated to a party which included a magician, song by the children, distribution of uniforms & school supplies plus food and drink. Cararoo Certificates for academic attendance, and most improved were given out. A good time was had by all. Also celebrating 10 year with RAWCS -  JUNE Newsletter will include more pictures and stories.

On-Line Credit Card Payments via RAWCS:
Visit www.rawcs.com.au click Donate / Enter Project Number 029 / Year Registered 2005-06 Click Find this Project The Project name will display and on far right click the Donate Now button and follow the prompts to make a credit card payment. You will receive an on-line receipt.

Cararoo another success story


One of our founding students, Rocette Onas, graduated college after completing a 3 year Hotel Restaurant and Services course at STI College. Now we have to find Rocette a job and get her into the work force. COO & Founder Maurie Schokman "my goal when establishing the Foundation based on education  for the less fortunate, was to get one child to graduate college every 5 years, we now have two in two years - well done to all involved in the Foundation and our sponsors who have made this happen. we have 3 more children in college"


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