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President Message 

Hello Rotarians and Namaste! 

"A gift is pure when it is given from the heart to the right person at the right time and in the right place and when we expect nothing in return."  The Bhagavad Gita. 

We had a Show and Shine fundraiser on Dec 2nd at the Daylo for our farmers. It raised $6000 and our club gave $12000 a total of $18000. We send 60 $300 FPOS cards  to President Neville, Rotary Club Tamworth West who will organize to distribute the cards as soon as possible. A Christmas card with an hand written note by Naman was also added. 

This was a  great effort  by Mitch with his team Maurie, Peter, Doreen, and was initiated by Macquarie Hot Rodders Greg, Mark, and Brain. Thank you to the  Daylo and  CEO Darren for providing the venue and allowing us to use the facility for our meetings. Thank you to all the Hot Rodders and all the vendors for contributing their time to this event making it possible for our farmers to have some relief.

Our team of dedicated Rotarians was there in full force with their partners and family members as well. A special thanks to Justin's daughter and Peter Davis daughter for their help.  It is good to see the next generation taking over!

Lorrelle and past Rotarian Steve Edmonds were there to help Doreen in the kitchen.

Thank you to Maurie for donating the Jumping Castle, Gavin for the Macdonald's marque and Justin for the Vets marque.

Reenae from jamming photos donated Santa at the request of Leonni who was the organizer for the food vendors. 

Our AGM was on December 5th chaired by Peter who did an excellent job. We are sad to see Stuart leave as P.E and Secretary but congratulations are in order  for the  proposed purchase of his home in Newcastle.

We welcome our new P.E. Maurie, Bruce as secretary and Brett as Treasurer thank you and congratulations. David Knight is taking an extended leave of absence from the club and leaving the board now due to health reasons.

We had Clarence a potential new member with the story of his introduction to Rotary.! He is supporting VETS with PTSD. It was good to see Karen and Doreen. 

We were sad to hear that Torin was badly hurt on Sunday, Dec 2 but the good news is that he was back at the Christmas tree sale on Dec 9th!  Youth has its advantages with a quick recovery as one of them!  We are hoping that he recovers completely soon. 

We have our Christmas Dinner on Dec 12 at the Coco Banana booking with Try Booking, please book if you have not done so yet.

There will be a Brazilian dancer who perhaps teaches us the Salsa!. 

Dont forget our Bunnings BBQ on Dec 16th please be there to help, buy or support Rotary. 

We are again involved in Ray White "Little Ray of Giving" who together with the Hali Bowling club collect Christmas gifts and distributed by Rotary to worthwhile causes. Jackie, Annette from Rotary will be delivering the Christmas gifts on Dec 19th,  Thank you David and his team for getting the gifts under the tree and donating the van for delivery.

Thank you.

Yours  in Rotary



Note from eNewsletter / WEB Editor

 Please supply me with stories, articles etc. for Newsletter. 

NOTE: meetings will now be on 1st and 3rd Wednesday in the month. Board Meetings will be at 5.30pm before the 1st meeting in the month.

APOLOGIES; for sending out Newsletter late, visiting Brisbane to have Christmas lunch with my mum and brothers family. Had a great time.


Getting social (Kylie)


The Rotary Club of Northlakes Toukley has extended their reach on social media with the start of our own Instragram account. To find us search for the name rotaryclubnorthlakestoukley on Instagram. And then, of course, follow us.


The main difference with Instagram is it is an aesthetically pleasing platform due to its emphasis on the quality of the image, and being shorter explanations of events. It is also quick and easy to do, once you have the images.


The purpose of the account is to be a repository of all the great things the club achieves in one easy to view place, promote upcoming events, and drive traffic to membership.


We have three posts uploaded already on the Primary Citizenship Awards, Show n Shine Show and Christmas Trees.


It would be great to get up more posts on before the end of the year on the Christmas Tree project , Christmas party and the Bunnings BBQ.


Send any images and a 1-2 sentence summary to Maurie (mschokman@bigpond.com) or Kylie (kylietwyford@gmail.com) for posting.



Next Meeting 6th February, 2019


BBQ @ Camp Toukley


Details will follow 6pm Start





Christmas Tree Sales - 1/2/8/9 December


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren and other Rotary projects

We are proud to announce that the 4 Central Coast Rotary Clubs sold 1375 trees raising over $45,000 for GPRGC and other Rotary Community projects. - CONGRATULATIONS to everyone involved. 


Show n Shine - 2nd December 2018

Sunday 2nd December, RCNT Show n Shine "Hot Rod" fundraiser to help Drought effected farmers in the Tamworth NSW area. The event was held in-conjunction with Independent Rodder Lake Macquarie and attracted over 100 hot rod cars and bikes. Event project manager RCNT Past President Mitch Cowan said " the event was a success, we have learnt from the experience and hope the next time to be bigger and better". The funds raised (over $17,000) will be distributed to the farmers by Tamworth West Rotary in the form of $300 FPOS cards allowing the farmers to spend the money to support the community.

A full transcript of the interview with NBN can be viewed on:




12th December, 2018

RCNT Christmas Party



Select Banquet option that suits you.


We would also like to extend invitation to Rotary Club Wyong Tuggerah to please join us.  


Last Meeting 5th December, 2018

Board Meeting 5.30pm


AGM 7.45pm (congratulations Peter for conducting professionally managed AGM)

1. As P.Roshni mentioned in Pres Report PE Stuart resigned from position. Rotarian Maurie was nominated and accepted position as Pres Elect 2019.

2. PP Bruce nominated as secretary and PP Brett nominated as treasurer both accepted positions.

3. Various other Board positions nominated and accepted (more information in 2019)

4. Treasurer Brett presented audited and board approved Financials for 2017-18 and were accepted my members.

5. Peter and Annette gave run through on Working with Children



Updated Project List 17th October 2018



Birthdays December, 2018

10th December - Debra Schokman

13th December - David Knight

18th December - Sally Davies

31st December - Lillian Hodges

Anniversaries December, 2018

3rd December - Lillian & Bruce Hodges

11th December - Pat & Peter McCloskey 




112th December 2018                       RCNT Christmas Party

16th December 2018                       Bunnings BBQ

6th February 2019                           Start 2019 Rotary Year BBQ Camp Toukley

30th March 2019                             RCNT Charity Race Day

29th - 31st  March 2019                  District 9685 Conference in Newcastle


Whats Up


Saturday 30th March, 2019 RCNT Annual Race Day Wyong

Details will follow when available


March 29th to 31st, 2019

District 9685 Conference in Newcastle







Message from DG Susan, make sure we get gnome decorated and ready for presentation at conference next March 2019.


Become a Rotary Centurion Annual Fee $100

Please contact our Director Foundation PE Roshni and become a Centurion.  We already have a number of members who are Centurions.

Click on Foundation logo below to view latest Foundation Newsletter (AUGUST 2018), many wonderful stories on how Foundation funds are spent.

 Email Roshni Sinha : rosalynprasadsinha@yahoo.ca




December 1st, 2018 - Cararoo Foundation Christmas Party.

Thank you RCNT for again supporting our Christmas party. The banner thanks all the organisations who help make this a very special day for the children.


Lets have a laugh