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Monday 27th August - Final Showcase

Comment from Newsletter Editor:

It is gratifying to know when we published story and schedule on Max Potential mentoring and coaching program back in February that someone from RCNT would get involved in coaching. See excellent story and pictures from Final Showcase held on Monday 27th August.

Reminder of the coaching schedule:

Report from Rotarian Dr Kylie Twyford who coached year 11 student Charlotte McMurtrie from Gorokan High School:

Dear Rotarians, 

Yesterday, the final Showcase of the 25 student participants in the Max Potential program in the Wyong Shire was held at Wyong Leagues Club. This was the culmination of 22 weeks work and commitment by both the young adults and coaches in conjunction with Max Potential. 

The room was buzzing with the excitement from the students, coaches, and sponsors, and pride of family, friends and teachers from the schools. 

The sponsors, including our Rotary Club, were acknowledged often during the ceremony and also presented with a certificate which Mitch received. 

The year 11  student I coached from my alma mater Gorokan High School, Charlotte McMurtrie, did an excellent job and was such a pleasure to coach. I am not sure all the coaches had the same experience as me, so I was definitely eased into coaching and still have much to learn. 

Charlotte was a particular focus of our politicians being photographed with Emma McBride and David, and was highlighted by Emma during the ceremony. She was on David’s Instagram feed last night. 

It was a thrill that Charlotte was also presented with an additional certificate from Ronald McDonald Family Room Coordinator, our own Jenny Abourizk, who had only been in the role 8 days! That was a surprise. 

Attached is a media release Charlotte put together and photographs for our newsletter. 

Being involved in the program from the training of coaches, to group connect sessions, and coaching sessions of our students and our own coaching from March to August was extremely well organised. I could not recommend the program enough as a way to create personal leadership in young adults and a tangible contribution to our future community leaders in the Shire. 

There are 12 high school (both public and private) in or shire, and 9 of them had student representatives. There were only single participants from most of the public high schools, and 11 from Mackillop and 5 from LAGS (and 2 from Central Coast Grammar who were at LAGS). It would be great to see the number of participants from the public schools increased. I know I will be encouraging Arki to participate on her commencement of Year 11 next year. 

From my inside experience, I would be very supportive of our club continuing to support Max Potential scholarships if at all possible. 

Best wishes and see you next week,


Charlotte & Emma McBride MP

Charlotte & David Harris MP

Charlotte with Jenny Abourizk & Dr Kylie Twyford

Comment from PP Mitch Cowan who attended the Final Showcase:

Hi everyone,

Yes I totally agree with Kylie after being at the presentation and seeing first hand the great work that is produce and the huge benefits to our local community and our local youth, I would strongly suggest that we sponsor a place in this programme totally ourselves seeing the members focus is community at the moment I think this fits that bill very well. 

I will present the certificate on Wednesday night at the club meeting and am happy to talk about this then. 

P.s If anyone has time and would like to coach then please let kylie or myself know I believe would be a very rewarding experience for anyone . 

Kind Regards Mitch

PP Mitch accepting Certificate from David Harris MP 

PRESS RELEASE: Max Potential Final Showcase Aug 2018

Maximimising Happiness While most year 11 students have been simply trying to adjust to the difference in expectations from junior to senior school this year, there has been a group of 25 emerging young leaders across the Wyong Shire in 9 high schools who in addition to navigating this transition have participated in the world-class coaching program, Max Potential.  The …

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