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President's Message

Hello Rotarians,

Namaste  -     BE AN INSPIRATION

"If you are someone people count on particularly in difficult times, that's a sign of a life lived honorably"  Rachel Maddow

 It is indeed an inspiration to see all Australians come together at this time. 

The good news is that Rotary Australia is in partnership with Chanel 9  to help the farmers. Please watch it tomorrow

if you can.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to view it, I am leaving for Canada tomorrow morning.

The Board decided to commit to  $5000 immediately as soon as the banking information is available. 

Thank you to all the members who attended today:

Mitch, Debbie, Jan, Annette, Brett, Torin, Jenny, Stuart, David, Bruce Hodges and  Peter, Bruce Thompson,

The apologies: Maurie, Philip, Rasik, and Jackie.

Our guest speaker, Emily brought a bottle of wine for the winner of the raffle. I am sure it was an interesting information session for those people thinking of going on a cruise to the District Conference in June 2019. 

A special thank you to Peter for his time and effort regarding the shed. He is getting the plaque organized and Stuart has ordered the Rotary sign.  The opening will be on September 25th at 10 and please it will be great to have as many Rotarians as possible attending.

Thank you, Brett, for a succinct analysis of our finances.  I can understand it! 

The DG Susan Wakefield will be our guest on September 5th.  She will address the Board as well. Please make this a very special

Rotary evening.  I look forward to all of you attending.

 The next meeting on August 15 will be chaired by Stuart and it will be all about the projects. Please have your name on a few of the projects. even if you cannot commit fully.  I will be here to help.

I know a few people will be away but we will catch up.

Thank you, Mitch, for continuing the meeting after I left. I will always value your advice and guidance.

 I will see all of you when I return at the end of the month.


 Yours in Rotary,



Note from eNewsletter / WEB Editor

 Please supply me with stories, articles etc. for Newsletter. 

NOTE: meetings will now be on 1st and 3rd Wednesday in the month. Board Meetings will be at 5.30pm before the 1st meeting in the month.


RAWCS Project 17 of 2018-19,   

Drought Relief Fund for Australian Farmers 

Supported by Rotary in Australia, National Farmers’ Federation

& Channel 9

In Australia, farmers are the lifeblood of our country and they are in crisis. Record breaking heat and lack of rain means farmers are struggling to feed sheep and cattle, and keep crops alive.  Families on the land are suffering and they need our help.  Channel 9 and Rotary Australia have partnered with the National Farmers’ Federation, launching an appeal to big business and everyday Australians, so we can provide some emergency relief. 100% of donations goes to the farmers and is tax deductible via Rotary and RAWCS.  




Next Meeting 15th August 2018


6.30pm for 7pm Dinner Meeting - Club Forum


PE Stuart will chair the evening, with the main topic

of focus being discussing the 2018-19 projects. Finalizing dates and project team structures. List of projects:


Please click below to  make dinner booking

We must have final numbers by 5pm on the 14th August 2018



Last Meeting 1st August 2018

Guest Speaker

Emily Kadinski


Birthdays August, 2018

12th August - Jenny Abourizk

15th August - George Abourizk

15th August - Maryann Smith

23rd August - Jacqueline Miles

Anniversaries August, 2018

7th August - Jacqueline & Alan Miles

19th August - Judy & David Knight

20th August - Raylee & Gavin McLeod

24th August - Veronica & Brett Herbert




15th August 2018                          Club Forum - discuss and agree projects

5th September 2018                       DG Susan Wakefield Club Visit       

29th - 31st  March 2019                 District 9685 Conference in Newcastle


Whats Up


Congratulations RCNT Past President Gloria O'Dowd, who now has the distinct honor of being a Rotary Club President in  two (2) different countries. 

Welcome the 2018-19 President of INGLEWOOD ROTARY CLUB NEW ZEALAND DISTRICT 9940 - Gloria O'Dowd


District 9685 Conference in Newcastle

March 29th to 31st, 2019






Become a Rotary Centurion Annual Fee $100

Please contact our Director Foundation PE Roshni and become a Centurion.  We already have a number of members who are Centurions.

Click on Foundation logo below to view latest Foundation Newsletter, many wonderful stories on how Foundation funds are spent.

 Email Roshni Sinha : rosalynprasadsinha@yahoo.ca


The Rotary Leadership Institute course is now run over two days, power packed with information, learning and skills you can use in your Rotary life straight away. 

Networking with other Rotarians and led by experienced facilitators, you are sure to enjoy what others are describing as the best Rotary training they have had.  Register online now at rli.rotarydistrict9685.org.au and supercharge your Rotary.

There is 1 course available for registration:

 RLI 48 - Saturday 4 and 25 August 2018



Youth Exchange student ARKI'S BLOG - CLICK on group photo






Cararoo Foundation Philippines:

Maurie will return from Philippines next week. Report in next Newsletter


Didi Foundation Nepal: Trivia Fundraiser  25th August 2018

Rock n Roll Trivia night Annual Fundraiser
Rock the night away with the 'Aimless M'
Lots of Trivia, Lots of Prizes, Lots of Fun, Lots of Dancing

Join Jan and the Didi group for a fabulous night out to raise funds to help us raise the status of women and children in Nepal through education and vocational education.


This Week's Humour

.Sometime this year, we taxpayers may again receive an 'Economic Stimulus' payment.

This is indeed a very exciting programme and I'll explain it by using a Q & A format:

Q. What is an 'Economic Stimulus' payment ?

A. It is money the Federal Government will send to taxpayers.

Q. Where will the government get this money ?

A. From taxpayers.

Q. So the government is giving me back my own money?

A. Only a smidgen of it.

Q. What is the purpose of this payment?

A. The plan is for you to use the money to purchase a

  High-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy.

Q. But isn't that stimulating the economy of China ?

A. Shut up.

Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the Australian Economy by spending your stimulus cheque wisely:

* If you spend the stimulus money at K-Mart, Big W, Target or the host of $2 shops we have, the money will go to China, Vietnam or Sri Lanka ..

* If you spend it on petrol, your money will go to the Arabs.

* If you purchase a computer, it will go to India, Taiwan or China ...

* If you purchase fruit and vegetables, it will go to China, India, Peru.....

* If you buy an efficient car, it will go to Japan or Korea .

* If you purchase useless stuff, it will go to Taiwan .

* If you pay off your credit cards or buy stock, it will go to management bonuses and they will hide it offshore.

Instead, keep the money in Australia by:

1) Spending it at  garage  sales or
2) Going to footy games or
3) Spending it on prostitutes, or
4) Beer or
5) Tattoos.
(These are just about the only Australian businesses still operating in OZ.)

Go to a footy game with a tattooed prostitute that you met at a garage sale and drink beer all day !

No need to thank me, I'm just glad I could be of help.