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President's Message

Hello, Fellow Rotarians-----  Your talent is the universe's gift to you, what you do with it is your gift to the universe.  Roshni P Sinha 


It was our great pleasure to welcome our special guest  AG Anonna Pearce for the first of many meetings. She was very much part of the meeting.  Thank you for coming. 

Our guest speaker was one of our favorite Rotarians,   Greg Groppenbacher from Kariong Somersby, representing Shelter Box. He also graciously clarified for some of us the Grandparents Raising Grandchildren charity which we have been a part of for the last 7 years. These Christmas tree sales enable this organization to make a difference to the families.

Shelter Box itself is the brainchild of a Rotarian, it is doing tremendous work with Rotary as  its partner It was an insightful evening, we found out that there are Shelter Kits as well. Our club donated $100.00 towards the Shelter Kit.

Thank you, Greg, for spending the evening with us and displaying some of what is actually in the Shelter Box. 

We had a guest Margaret Peters who is thinking of joining Rotary. She has been a member of the View Club. She also won the raffle. 

 I look forward to seeing in Rotary. 

Our club will be a part of the "Coastie" Rotary Clubs combining with other clubs to help drought-stricken farmers. There were two members from each club required to attend a meeting in Gosford on Sunday, July 22nd and Peter will be attending on behalf of our club.  Thank you, Peter, for taking the time to attend this meeting. We are looking forward to your report. 

In the spirit of  DOSOMETHINGDAY on July 25th. RSL Toukley is doing something for our first responders--free pizza, lunch or dinner.  They are donating $1 of their membership to The Northern Women's Health Centre. They will be donating  $1500.00 to the Centre.  This is an organization close to Debra- and Lyn's heart. They donated $800. 00 to the Health Centre after the State of Origin at Maurie's place.  They are an inspiration and in the spirit of this day, I personally will try to do something on behalf of our club,  I will volunteer to help cook on Wednesday morning at the Toukley Neighbourhood Centre. This is multiculturalism at its best, free Indian food!  I may teach them Indian cooking as well and for everyone's information, I can cook as well as dance! 

 It was too late to bring it up at the meeting but if anyone is interested please contact me.

I am also enquiring around in an effort to update the condition of the Health Centre. I will inform the club when I make some headway.

I want the Rotary partners to become part of Rotary and attend some of our meetings.  I will have an evening just for that purpose.

I think it is time to wake up the latent hidden talents of our Rotarians not only in our club but let us shake up the Central Coast in more than one way! 

Our next Board Meeting is on August 1st followed by the club meeting.  

My sincere thanks to our club members for attending Stuart, Torin, David, Bruce, Jackie, Peter, Debbie, Kylie, and Brett. Thank you, Stuart, for getting the dinner selection organized and for setting up the banners.  Thank you, Debbie, for donating the laptop to the club making Maurie and Stuart's life easier.

Thank you also for organizing the speaker, it was an informative evening.

We had apologies from Mitch, Jenny, Rasik, Maurie and Philip.  I  am thinking of our other members, Jan, Annette, Bruce Thompson, Justin, Gavin and Graham.  

May you all be safe.

Yours in Rotary


NOTE FROM NEWSLETTER EDITOR MAURIE. How these families we support manage to live I will never know. Arrived in the middle of Typhoon season, rain like you will not believe, thunder, lightning etc. Families in village evacuated due to floods. Comms not very good at the moment hope this Newsletter gets out. ..... good to be a Rotarian he said???? also have motel room and something to do like Newsletter hahahaha.  Maurie


Note from eNewsletter / WEB Editor

 Please supply me with stories, articles etc. for Newsletter. 

NOTE: meetings will now be on 1st and 3rd Wednesday in the month. Board Meetings will be at 5.30pm before the 1st meeting in the month.



When considering the best way of approaching this project it is important that we consult with those people affected by the drought. To this end the DGs in the rural areas of the State have been approached for feedback as to the most effective and efficient way to approach this serious situation.

Listed below are some ideas which may be worth consideration taking into account that feedback- RUSSELL GROVE

*purchase feed and arrange transportation 

*donate directly to the RAWCS Project already established for  drought relief 

*organise programs for support packs containing domestic/personal/   household products which families cannot afford 

*host/arrange accommodation for families from the inland for  holidays/respite on the Central Coast eg Camp Breakaway 

*investigate joint partnerships with businesses eg. Ray White Real  Estate

*arrange goodwill road trips by CC Rotarians to offer fellowship and  hospitality in communities affected by the drought. 

These are some ideas but there will be many others which can be discussed at the meeting on Sunday 22 July at Gosford RSL Club at 10.30am. 

Yours in Rotary 


Peter, looking forward to reading your report. Maybe you can send me some details for 5th August Newsletter.


Next Meeting 1st August, 2018


5.30pm BOARD MEETING - Hali Board Room


6.30pm for 7pm Dinner Meeting


Guest Speaker Emily Kadinski


Who is Emily, I am a member of the Epping Rotary Club. I have organised a Rotarian Exclusive River Cruise for members and their family and friends, that connects with the 2019 Rotary International Convention in Hamburg. A little bit about myself, I was first introduced to Rotary as a scholarship recipient from the Rotary club of …

Read more.


Please click below to order your meal. We need final numbers

by 5pm on 31st July 2018


RCNT PROJECTS 2018-19 Updated

See attached updated list. Please forward all questions to Maurie copy Stuart. mschokman@bigpond.com

It is important that we start to add potential dates for each of these projects, so members can get involved in the projects and also plan ahead to attend.


Last Meeting 18th July, 2018


Greg Groppenbacher Shelter Box Update Plus Brief history on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

As President Roshni mentioned in her message it was a great meeting with lots of information shared about Shelter Box and Grandparents. Thanks,  Greg sorry I missed it 



Birthdays July, 2018

8th July - Justin Dover

14th July - Annette D'Adam

16th July - Lyn Thompson

19th July - Ken Smith 

Anniversaries July, 2018

4th July - Rebacca & Stuart McCarthy



1st August 2018                            Board Meeting - Hali Board Room

1st August 2018                             Speaker Emily Kadinsky - Rotarians Exclusive River Cruise           

29th - 31st  March 2019                 District 9685 Conference in Newcastle


Whats Up



19th to 22nd July - Support Lifeline Book Fair


District 9685 Conference in Newcastle

March 29th to 31st, 2019






Become a Rotary Centurion Annual Fee $100

Please contact our Director Foundation PE Roshni and become a Centurion.  We already have a number of members who are Centurions.

Click on Foundation logo below to view latest Foundation Newsletter, many wonderful stories on how Foundation funds are spent.

 Email Roshni Sinha : rosalynprasadsinha@yahoo.ca


The Rotary Leadership Institute course is now run over two days, power packed with information, learning and skills you can use in your Rotary life straight away. 

Networking with other Rotarians and led by experienced facilitators, you are sure to enjoy what others are describing as the best Rotary training they have had.  Register online now at rli.rotarydistrict9685.org.au and supercharge your Rotary.

There is 1 course available for registration:

 RLI 48 - Saturday 4 and 25 August 2018



Youth Exchange student ARKI'S BLOG - CLICK on group photo






Cararoo Foundation Philippines:

Project manager and founder Maurie Schokman will spend the next couple of weeks is Manila followed by a stopover in Singapore to meet with major sponsor the Singapore Cricket Club Growlers Rugby team.

While in Manila Maurie plans to achieve the following:

1. Meet with Auditors review external audit. plus Board and AGM.

2.. Host lunch for all the sponsored children and family as well as announcing this year winner of the Alan Atkins writing award.

4. Visit village review damage from recent floods, canteen and reading center will require major repairs.

5. Meeting with college students and students now working to discuss what we have achieved and what can be done better. Also meeting possible new Board Members, English tutoring for senior high school students as well as meeting organisation who could be interested in mentoring program for senior high school students.

7. Attend induction dinner (big event) for new President of sister Rotary Club Makati Dasmarinas.

Start of another school year. Let us present to you our top students for the 2017-18 school year. Who all received Cararoo Awards. Well Done .....
Princess Pintor 93.00%
Rowel Dela Cruz 92.00%
Rhomelyn Largo 91.00%
Juaqui Calumpang 90.50%
Jimmy Segura 90.41%
This year we also have a special award the Eli Miranda Award for Maths going to Juaqui Calumpang Maths Average 94% (pink shirt)

Didi Foundation Nepal: Trivia Fundraiser  25th August 2018

Rock n Roll Trivia night Annual Fundraiser
Rock the night away with the 'Aimless M'
Lots of Trivia, Lots of Prizes, Lots of Fun, Lots of Dancing

Join Jan and the Didi group for a fabulous night out to raise funds to help us raise the status of women and children in Nepal through education and vocational education.


This Week's Humour

A woman goes into Discount Fishing Supplies BCF to buy a rod and reel for her grandson's birthday.

She doesn't know which one to get so she just picks one and goes over to the counter.

The salesman is standing there, wearing dark shades.

She says, "Excuse me. Can you tell me anything about this rod and reel?"

He says, "Madam, I'm completely blind but if you'll drop it on the counter, I can tell you everything you need to know about it from the sound it makes."

She doesn't believe him but drops it on the counter anyway.

He  says, "That's a 2-metre Shakespeare graphite rod with a Zebco 404 reel and 10-kg.
Test line. It's a good all-around combination and it's actually on sale this week for $44."

She says, "That's amazing that you can tell all that, just by the sound of it dropping on the counter. I'll take it!"

As she opens her purse, her credit card drops on the floor.

"Oh, that sounds like a Visa card," he says.

As the lady bends down to pick up the card, she accidentally farts.

At first she's really embarrassed but then realises there is no way the blind salesman would tell exactly who had farted.

The man rings up the sale and says, "That'll be $58.50 please."

The woman is totally confused by this and asks,
"Didn't you tell me it was on sale for $44. How did you get $58.50?"

"The Duck Caller is $11 and the Fish Bait is $3.50."