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President's Message

Hello Rotarians. (From PE Roshni)


Thank you for all those who attended the meeting which was special  for me  as acting President.

It  was a very positive experience, I enjoyed the evening.  

It was especially poignant for me because breast cancer awareness originated in Vancouver, Canada.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a huge success there and it is indeed a Festival. I am so grateful that my children were associated with UBC and Naman Sinha is in the same field as Dr. Mackenzie. He also believes of movement of the body as the best exercise.  My daughter had attended the festival as a supporter with her group of SFU students. 

Dr. Don Mackenzie who is from UBC  changed the world's perception of breast cancer. He adhered to Rotary theme  "Be a Gift to the World."

We thank Karen Wallwork for presenting   Dragons Abreast Australia. It was a very informative evening and I believe we learnt much more about the disease  and the organization.

I would like to thank the following Rotarians:

Jan for making us aware of Karen and  for  giving vote of thanks.  Debbie  for the introduction as well as organizing the speakers for every  meeting.

Mitch for distributing the  Bowel Cancer Kits.  Stewart for helping with the glitch in the computer.

Mitch thanked Jan, Kylie and Jackie for the Paddle canoe race.

A very special thank you to Maurie and Philip for always being there early and setting up for Rotary every meeting.

It was really good to see Bruce up and about.   

We all hope that Peter gets his license soon.

I hope all the Rotarians enjoyed the evening and received a insight on such an important and life threatening disease.  I know we will keep the Dragons Abreast Australia on our agenda at the next board meeting. 

Our Rotarians are a GIFT TO OUR CLUB. 

Thank you 

Yours in Rotary.

Roshni (President Elect)

Picture the ladies of RCNT with Karen Wallwork 


Note from eNewsletter / WEB Editor

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NOTE: meetings will now be on 1st and 3rd Wednesday in the month. Board Meetings will be at 5.30pm before the 1st meeting in the month.

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy. ( Sir Isaac Newton) 


DISTRICT ASSEMBLY - Sunday 29th April 2018

2018-19 Board Members, please be aware  of the following 2018-19 District training:

District Assembly

Sunday 29 April 2018

The Kings School

Pennant Hills Road, Parramatta

It will begin with registrations at 8.30am and formal start at 9.00am, finishing at 4.30pm.

The training content will be informative and entertaining. It is a Rotary International requirement that each club is represented at PETS and District Assembly.




Next Meeting Wednesday 4th April 2018


5.30 Board Meeting - Hali Board Room


6.30pm for 7pm Dinner Meeting

Guest speakers from Central Coast Special Olympics


We need numbers finalized by 5pm Tuesday 3rd April 2018




We MUST have numbers by 5pm on Tuesday 3rd April 2018


Roster Duty For The Night

Annette D'Adam

Mitch Cowan


Last Meeting 21st March 2018

Speaker Karen Wallwork from Central Coast Dragon Abreast Australia

Karen joined Dragons Abreast after completing her treatment in October 2014. she had heard of dragon boating prior to that time, but was inspired to join her local club to get her fitness back following her treatment.   

Dragons Abreast Australia is a national organisation comprised of breast cancer survivors (and some very special supporters) of various ages from a great variety of backgrounds, athletic abilities and interests. Dragons Abreast members provide a “face” for the breast cancer statistics whilst spreading the message of breast cancer awareness through participation in the wonderful and strenuous sport of dragon boat racing. Dragons Abreast commenced in Australia in 1998, following in the footsteps of a study by Dr Don McKenzie and a group of breast cancer survivors in Vancouver, Canada.

What is Dragonboat racing?

Dragonboat racing is an aquatic sport in which a 12 meter long canoe-like boat, wide enough to sit 20 people (2 abreast) along with a sweep to steer the boat and a drummer. A festival race is typically a sprint event of several hundred meters, with 500 meters the most common, 200, 1000 & 2000 meter races are also standard distances. During races a dragonboat will feature the head and tail of a dragon, a mythological creature regarded by the Chinese as having dominion over the waters and exercising control over rainfall.

Dragons Abreast Australia Festival will be held this year on Saturday 20th October, at Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour . 



Sunday 18th March 2018 - Paddle For Autoimmune (Pulmonary Hypertension) PAH - 4 Bridges

Kayak Marathon Fundraiser on the Tuggerah Lake. This fundraiser will assist A/P Glenn Reeves in vital research into autoimmune diseases especially Pulmonary Hypertension. 

Rotarians PP.Mitch, Jackie, Jan & Kylie started at 5.30am to man the checkpoints at Budgewoi and Toukley in the first Paddle For A Cause at our local lakes.

Picture of Rotarian Kylie and one of the paddlers who has the PAH condition, taken by Janine Furner, Executive Assistant, for the Autoimmune Resource & Research Centre - ARRC.


Birthdays March, 2018

20th March - Rebecca Lennard

25th March - Gavin McLeod

Anniversaries March, 2018

18th March - Jenny & George Abourizk



4th April 2018                                Central Coast Special Olympics

16th May 2018                               Vocational Excellence Awards


Whats Up


Become a Rotary Centurion Annual Fee $100

Please contact our Director Foundation PE Roshni and become a Centurion.  We already have a number of members who are Centurions.

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Monday 16th April - Rotary Club of Kincumber invite all Rotarians to attend:  CLICK ON IMAGE BELOW TO GET DETAILS


Thursday 26th April - The Gosford Rotary Club Invites You To Commemorate The 100th Anniversary of THE BATTLE of VILLERS BRETONNEUX 1918


Max Potential Coaching April & July 2018


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1. Coaching Flyer

2. Coaching Time Table

For more information please contact P.P Annette D'Adam:


Note from Julie at Max potential: 

Please find attached the Flyer we use to recruit community coaches and also the flowchart which shows the program structure and key dates.

The group sessions are held at Wallarah Rec. Club with the exception of the Showcase which is help at the Leagues Club, lunch is provided.  We will have 26 young people in the program from 11 schools and I currently have a shortfall of 7 coaches.  It would be great to have you have someone in mind that might be willing and able to support the program.




Rotarians Against Malaria – an activity of Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS)

Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) is a volunteer-run organisation working to eliminate malaria. Fifteen years ago, malaria killed a child every 30 seconds. Under the Millennium Development Goals, however, considerable progress has been made in preventing, diagnosing and treating malaria. As a result, deaths have fallen by 60 percent. Now, under the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, we are aiming to reduce malaria cases and deaths by a further 90 percent by 2030.

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This Week's Humour

A fifth grader looked downcast, so her teacher asked, "What's the problem, Carol? I hope it's not homework again." "Well, uh, yes, it is." replied Carol. "I was stupid and made my homework paper into a paper aeroplane." "Carol, you're right, that wasn't a very bright thing to do,"said the teacher, "but this once I'll let you just unfold the paper and hand it in." "Oh, but that won't work," said Carol, looking even sadder. "You see, the plane was hijacked.".



The rain was pouring down. There, standing in front of a big puddle outside the pub was an old Irishman, drenched, holding a stick, with a piece of string dangling in the water.. A passer-by stopped and asked, "What are you doing?" "Fishing" replied the old man. Feeling sorry for the old man, the gent says, "Come in out of the rain and have a drink with me." In the warmth of the pub, as they sip their whiskies, the gentleman, being a bit of a smart ass, cannot resist asking, "So how many have you caught today?" "You're the eighth", says the old man.