8th March, 2015


This Week

The YMCA’s Breakfast Club

This week we are having a breakfast meeting to look at the great work being done by the YMCA at Lakehaven

The YMCA’s Breakfast Club is a free program that ensures children have access to the most important meal of the day, while also being a safe place to make new friends and socialise before school.

We will be meeting at Lakehaven McDonald's for our own breakfast  at 7am prior to taking the short walk down the hill to the YMCA to see the Breakfast Club, and the volunteers who provide this service, in action.  

Our own George Abourizk is a great supporter of this program by supplying bacon and eggs from Meat at George's each month


Last Week

Last week we welcomed Val Lambert and Chris Dryden from Phoenix Youth Support Service at Lakehaven.

Phoenix Youth Support Service provide a range of supports, advice and referral activities and services for young people aged 12-18 who would like to develop the skills that will assist in gaining access to education and employment and identifying and reaching personal goals.

Thanks for sharing your aims and experiences with us. You both do a remarkable job. 


Next Week

Board Meeting


Rotary District 9685 Conference

Crowne Plaza Resort - Hunter Valley

March 20-22, 2015

To find out more and to register click HERE


Ageing in Australia

Past President and CEO of Vietnam Veterans Keith Page VC Hostel Justin Dover is heading to the annual Ageing in America conference in Chicago this month.  He will be presenting an Australian perspective as part of an international panel of speakers.

Below is a portion of his paper that we are sure will be of interest, and surprise to you..


On July 1 the new living longer living better was announced, this package resulted in major changes to the way aged care is funded both from the government and from the consumer. One of the main reasons for this change was that the previous system was not financially sustainable. The impact of the baby boomers on the aged care system necessitated this change.

We have all heard politicians of all persuasions state ‘ the impact of the baby boomers on the aged care / health system cannot be underestimated’. The aging of the population will have a major impact in coming years.

So what will the impact be? Listed below are some facts relating tho the aging of the population

 Growth of the population                                                  

1984              15.6 million                                     

Today            23.6 million                                     

2024              28.3 million                                     

2044              38.7 million                                     

Life expectancy at birth

1984              75.8

Today            82.1

2024              84.9

2044              90.4

85 plus population                                                                      

1984              120,862                                                       

Today            455,390 ( 4 times as many)                               

2024              601,815 ( 5 times as many)                               

2044              1,655,997 ( 14 times as many)                         

Australians turning 100 

1952              40

Today            2,643

2024              4885

2044              18,567

 Declining workforce Ratio

1970  15 workers to every retired couple

2010  10 workers to every retired couple

2050  5 workers to every retired couple

 Average age in workforce sector

Retail              33.4   Construction            38.5

Health            41.1   Education     42.1

Aged care     49

What does this mean for the aged care sector?

Half of the aged care workforce will be of retirement age in 15 years

This equates to 8015 retirees a year. To keep the current number of workers we need to add a further 77,976 workers over the next 10 years  to the aged care industry

 To meet the demand there needs to be an extra 100 aged care beds opened every Monday for the next 20 years !!!



International Women's Day

Our girls, Jan, Jenny and Annette on the left with PDG Graeme Davies and Lyn enjoying themselves at the International Women's Day cocktail party at The Entrance.  Lyn Thompson was also there but missed the photo.


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