An Important Evening

Members Club Forum

"Club Visioning"


If you don't attend many meetings, this is one meeting you should attend.


After enjoying the first of our "week off" fortnightly meetings, you should all be primed, ready and enthusiastic for a very important meeting on 5th October, 2016. 


Weekly Meeting 5th October, 2016

President Mitch comments from last eNewsletter.


Next meeting will be Wednesday the 5th October 2016; this will be a club forum night. It would be very pleasing to see as many of our members there on the night as we will be discussing a club visioning date, meeting frequency, meeting times and anything else the members might like to discuss. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO BE THERE AND HAVE SOME INPUT. Please make the effort to attend so we can set a date for the Club Visioning that will require ALL members’ attendance to be successful.


Duty Roster:


Meeting 5th October 


                 Debbie Carroll and Roshni Sinha


Remember if you are unable to attend please organise someone attending to take your place. Thanks.