As mentioned in last Newsletter we had some PowerPoint technical issues for PDG Graeme Davies presentation "Rotary 101"

An interactive, facilitated discussion!


Note from PDG Graeme Davies plus PDF Copy of presentation

Hi P. Mitch,

Thank you for the invitation to speak at your Club last week. I thought the idea was excellent. I am embarrassed however and do apologise for the PowerPoint debacle.

Anyway I have attached the PowerPoint and included notes on most slides to give information to your members and highlight the points I was wanting to make. We should all do exactly what you did Mitch and that is from time to time revisit our foundation stories and messages. The basic themes of service, fellowship, integrity etc pervade all that Rotary does and stands for. There are recurring themes such as Rotary being a vehicle for  one person's dream to become reality and our capacity to achieve more working as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) and in partnership with other Rotary Clubs and other organisations.

I would appreciate it if you provide a copy of the PowerPoint and Notes to all your members along with the above explanation. View presentation "PDF" click below.