Meeting Wednesday 17th August


 Living in a first world country we take clean water & women's hygiene for granted - not so in many third world countries


I believe you will find Sharon's presentation "The Girl Project" motivating


Weekly Meeting 17th August, 2016

Speaker: Sharon Crean BeyondWater

Sharon Crean and her husband are New Zealanders who have been based in Nairobi, Kenya for the past 3 years. Both are development workers who, when living in Australia started a charitable organization called BeyondWater (www.beyondwater.org.au)

BeyondWaters focus is on water and sanitation projects across East Africa.

This year,Sharon is travelling back to Australia to create awareness of BeyondWater and will be speaking to Service Clubs, schools and businesses about their work.

This Rotary Presentation will focus on BeyondWaters “The Girl Project” which is a Nairobi based health and sanitation program assisting females in the Kibera Slum.

Over the years we’ve heard stories of girls who can’t afford sanitary products. While they are relatively cheap in Africa, if your parents earn $2 a day, there is no way a family will sacrifice food or rent money for that. Instead, most girls stay home from school, keep as still as possible and wait it out. Some have got desperate enough to sell their bodies for as little as 60 cents. Others use rags or newspaper.

Like Northlakes Toukleys own Didi and Cararoo Foundations this without doubt will be an educational and humbling experience.

 As Jan Pryor has already done in Nepal, the Cararoo Foundation in the Philippines is also addressing this situation with PDG Tony Castley wife Sandra and Founders of Days For Girls Don and Celeste Mergens visiting the Cararoo project, in Manila on the 7th August. They are taking 40 sanitary pack to distribute to the young ladies and mother on our project.



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Meeting 17th August 2016


 David Knight and Jacqueline Allen