31st July, 2016


President's Message


This week we heard from Haman Sinha about his plan to get the community involved in things the eastern world has been doing for years and still does today and that’s learn how to move and keep your body as nimble as possible. It all about changing the way we think and teaching our children from a young age so it becomes second nature. Hopefully there will be some great opportunities for us do some great work in our local community and also help spread the word about Rotary.

This week Annette, Jan and myself have accept an invitation to visit the D.A.L.E school and see their work first hand and gain a better understanding of the difficulties they face like many other good organisations.

Roshni has left to go overseas for two months and we wish her safe travels, she will be contactable via email if you need any information on Foundation you can still contact her or myself.

Roshni has started to get commitments from those that would like to be Centurions again this year, last year we had 14 it would be nice to get every member a Centurion this year given that’s it’s the Foundation 100 year so if you intend to become one please let Roshni or myself know. You can bring the $100 donation along to the meetings to be collected, and please remember only give what you can afford.

This week starts the first of many visitors and guest speakers from District, as I said at changeover we have many members with fewer than ten years’ experience in Rotary and those that have ten years, still could learn plenty as Rotary is so big and involved in many different things. Over the coming months is YOUR chance to come along to meetings and here from some very committed and experienced Rotarians. Please make the effort to come along and listen to what they have to share with us it may just make the whole Rotary thing a way more enjoyable experience. This week Barry Phillips will be speaking about the Rotary fellowship which helps put Rotarians with common interest together, there just maybe a group that shares your interest.

Why not invite a friend or someone you know that maybe interested in maybe joining Rotary. We have had a couple of potential members visit so far, let’s see if can get at least one visitor or potential member join us EVERY week. Remember if you don’t ask people if they maybe interested in joining Rotary then you will never know if they are interested.

Please remember to reply to Maurie as early as possible if you are attending meetings, this will make life a lot easier for him.  


Yours in Rotary



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Your attendance and meal orders for Wednesdays meeting must be sent to me by 10am on the Wednesday, giving me time to correlate the information and place dinner orders with Hali by mid day.

Thanks, Maurie



Club Program Officer - Torin O'Grady 

If your name is allocated and you cannot make the meeting it will be your responsibility to make contact with other Rotarian's attending and organise someone to take your place. 

Meeting 3rd August 2016

                       Brett Herbert and Helen Hellyer

Meeting 10th August 2016

                      Bruce Hodges and Torin O'Grady

Meeting 17th August 2016

                     David Knight and Jacqueline Allen

Maurie & Graham will continue to book the meals and organise visual PC's etc. each week and will email an attendance list around mid day on the Wednesday,  to the 2 people on duty that night. Please print and bring the list with you.




3rd AUGUST, 2016

Please use the link below to indicate your attendance and meal selection for this week

 It is imperative that your indication is made prior to 10am Wednesday as the meal order is given to the club at this time.


Last Week 27th July, 2016

Speaker: Naman Sinha

Increasing the perception of physicality in the community

Thank you Naman for a timely and thought provoking presentation. In this time of obesity and living longer we really need to think about adopting new ways to keep fit, relax and be active. I am sure that RCNT will discuss your proposition and look for way's to develop an outdoor area in Northlakes Toukley that can be used by the public for Tai Chi, Yoga and some of the other Eastern relaxation methods. 


Next Week - 3rd August, 2016

Speaker: Barry Philps - D9680 DG 2001/02

Opportunities in Rotary that are offered by

Membership of Fellowships.

Barry will be speaking about opportunities in Rotary that are offered by Membership of Fellowships. Fellowships are generally leisure based international groups of Rotarians with similar interests. They offer a range of activities that members can participate in.

Barry Philps was born in Coventry, England and qualified in veterinary medicine at Glasgow University in 1965. He spent all of his working life associated with intensive animal farm production in a range of positions in Uganda, South Africa and Australia. He spent 25 years with the animal health division of an American pharmaceutical company in technical, sales management, business development and marketing roles.

While in South Africa, Barry was a member of Round Table for several years. He participated in marathon and ultra marathon running for many years.

Barry joined Rotary in 1993 as charter secretary of Glenhaven Rotary Club, becoming President in 1995/6. The following year, he commenced his district committee involvement in China, Russia and Rotary youth exchange. Barry has visited clubs in Argentina, USA, Canada, England, Pakistan, Scotland, Russia, Indonesia, India and Hong Kong.

Barry is married to Jennifer who is also a Rotarian.

He introduced and managed the Rotary Leadership Institute program for the last 4 years. In addition he has been part of the district Foundation team over the same period.

He has been President of International Travel and Hosting fellowship several years ago and is currently President again this year.



Board Meeting - 9th August, 2016

5.30pm Board Room Hali Bowling Club


Weekly Meeting 10th August, 2016

Speaker: PDG Graeme Davies

Our good friend PDG Graeme Davies will be speaking about What Is Rotary and differences between International / District and Club. As always it will be an interesting presentation.


Weekly Meeting 17th August, 2016

Speaker: Sharon Crean BeyondWaters

Sharon Crean and her husband are New Zealanders who have been based in Nairobi, Kenya for the past 3 years. Both are development workers who, when living in Australia started a charitable organization called BeyondWater (www.beyondwater.org.au)

BeyondWaters focus is on water and sanitation projects across East Africa.

This year,Sharon is travelling back to Australia to create awareness of BeyondWater and will be speaking to Service Clubs, schools and businesses about their work.

This Rotary Presentation will focus on BeyondWaters “The Girl Project” which is a Nairobi based health and sanitation program assisting females in the Kibera Slum.

Over the years we’ve heard stories of girls who can’t afford sanitary products. While they are relatively cheap in Africa, if your parents earn $2 a day, there is no way a family will sacrifice food or rent money for that. Instead, most girls stay home from school, keep as still as possible and wait it out. Some have got desperate enough to sell their bodies for as little as 60 cents. Others use rags or newspaper.

Like Northlakes Toukleys own Didi and Cararoo Foundations this without doubt will be an educational and humbling experience.

 As Jan Pryor has already done in Nepal, the Cararoo Foundation in the Philippines is also addressing this situation with PDG Tony Castley wife Sandra and Founders of Days For Girls Don and Celeste Mergens visiting the Cararoo project, in Manila on the 7th August. They are taking 40 sanitary pack to distribute to the young ladies and mother on our project.






 8th August - Michael Herniman

8th August - Corrine Assaf


7th August - Jacqueline & Alan Miles



3rd August                            Barry Philps Rotary Fellowship

9th August                            Board Meeting - 5.30pm Halli Board Room

10th August                          Graeme Davies - Rotary International/District/ Club Differences

17th August                           Sharon Crean - Beyond Waters

26th August                           Annual Charity Golf Day


Whats Up

Community Service Advert

Marine Rescue Norah Head - Recruiting members to be trained as Radio Operators

We received an email via our web site from Pat Thompson Deputy Unit Commander of Marine Rescue Norah Head (MRNH), to ask if RCNT could advertise via Newsletter that MRNH urgently need trained Radio Operators. (See details below).

Debbie Carroll is also organising for MRNH to attend one of our weekly meeting and give a presentation on Marine Rescue. 

Marine Rescue Norah Head is currently recruiting members to be trained as Radio Operators. All that is required is a clear speaking voice and a willingness to help the boating community in times of need.

 During summer time we work six hour shifts from 0600 to 1200 and then 1200 through to 1800 hours. Winter time we cut down to five hour shifts 0700 to 1200 and then 1200 through to 1700.

 Radio Operators usually work around two to three shifts per month on a rostered basis. Rosters are prepared well in advance, usually about two months ahead and can accommodate dates, days etc that suit individual operators. Some operators who are still employed only do two Saturday mornings per month, while others prefer afternoon shifts and therefore request not to be rostered on in the mornings. As volunteers, everybody’s needs can be catered for.

 Initial training is provided usually over a week end, this course is called Long Range Operator Certification Proficiency course and is owned by University of Tasmania, and as such it is the only training which requires payment of $100, this money is not retained by Marine Rescue, but is paid directly to the University of Tasmania. An exam follows the two day course and a pass of 75% is required, but we have not had any member fail this course ever.

Following completion of LROCP members are then mentored by experienced operators until such time as the new member feels confident to go solo, plus of course the mentor is confident they are ready.

 Further training can be undertaken to gain Ratings within Marine Rescue NSW which are recognised nationwide.

 Norah Head is a small unit, approximately 65 members, including around 10 who are Boat Crew.

 After a six month Provisional period, uniforms are provided free of charge.

Marine Rescue Norah Head 639 Maitland St, Norah Head NSW 2263

PO Box 49 Budgewoi  NSW  2262

H: +61 2 4959 3808 M: +61422435143

Iris Foundation

Life Connection Program

Life Connections is a resiliency program of the Iris Foundation and is currently running at the EIC Cottage at Wyong.

The 6 week program continues to deliver some amazing results and aims to help people to survive, adapt and grow in the face of stress and shock.

If you would like further information regarding the Life Connections program Click Here for a brochure or email annette@irisfoundation.org.au




Lorelle & Bruce Travel Blog - currently enjoying a 6 week vacation in Europe.

Travelling in Scandinavia is not without it's surprises. Beginning in Norway we travelled by train, boat, bus and ferry throughout a country where there are huge fjords, snow capped mountains, snow drifts found beside  the road, rivers running beside the roads for kilometres and valleys filled with farms. Driving in Norway was clearly a once in a lifetime experience. We travelled over 1800 kms passing through at least 50 tunnels, crossing 10 fjords on huge ferries, long bridges between fjords and over water while driving on a road that was single lane for the whole journey. Not one double or separated lane for the whole distance. It was interesting at times because the road narrowed significantly causing some concern when a double b semi came around the corner!

       We travelled from Bergen in the south through Forde, Alesund, Trondheim, Namsos, Moi rana, Narvik and Tromso. All of these towns are situated on coastal or inland fjords. As we travelled further north we experienced the 24 hours of daylight. Unfortunately the weather didn't allow us to see the midnight sun although it really is the midnight sunrise too. Norway is per capita one of the richest nations on earth, strongly independent, not part of the EU, rich in minerals, has high wages , high taxation, free education including university, a strong welfare system and universal health care. Cold but that hasn't deterred them in their success. They quietly kill whales for their meat which is on their menus in most restaurants. 

Thomos  from Scandanavia

Hi There,

Helsinki, Tallin(Estonia) Helsinki. Then an overnight ferry to Stockholm.

 It's been most enjoyable and interesting. Life in these regions revolves around water and islands. Whilst we go to the beach, Scandinavians hop in their boats and sail around. Mind you, the boats range from kayaks to rowing boats to motor boats to sailing boats to millionaire's yachts.

 And they all have to share the water with the ducks and swans. We've never seen so many in one place.

 We've been wandering around Stockholm for 3 days. We've seen the old historic town, museums, gardens and an outdoor museum which was fascinating. It had reproduced the rural, farming scene by bringing historic buildings from all over Sweden and reconstructing them in this large park area. Some other buildings were reproduced in miniature which was very good too. Getting inside the buildings gave us a good idea of life's comforts (not!) a few hundred years ago. All the buildings had people dressed in period costumes talking about the history of Sweden and its buildings. What I liked was how it all focussed on the ordinary person, not the royals in their palaces as much of the tourist industry focuses on. One of the things we have learnt is that these countries all have significant mining industries in iron ore and copper among other metals. This appears to be a significant factor in their wealth and independence.

 Talk about tourists. Cruise ships and bus tours everywhere. Fortunately, today, we got started early and beat the crowds to the Viking museum and the outdoor museum. The Viking museum featured a completely reconstructed boat from the 1600's. 98% was from the original boat which sank after sailing only 1000 metres down Stockholm harbour because it's hull was not wide enough for the height of the ship. As soon as it began to tack in a different direction it leaned to one side so much the water flowed through the cannon holes into the ship. Built from wood it was the ultimate warship with a crew of 450 and two levels of cannons. They say if it hadn't sunk so quickly we would probably never have seen it again.We were leaving each place as the crowds were arriving. We were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves.

 Travelling around on public transport has given us the chance to chat to all sorts of people. We have found them very friendly, helpful and willing to chat about all sorts of things. One thing everyone seems to have in common is their concern about Donald Trump!

 This afternoon we are getting ourselves organised ready to take our next plane trip in the morning - to Copenhagen. It's only about an hour so that's good.

 Just spent two days hoofing it all around Copenhagen, - through the ancient town, which is now a buzzing shopping area, sailed along canals, walked to historic sites and all around the canal areas d visited the botanical gardens. Copenhagen is a very pretty place, but watch out for the bikes. I've never seen so many. And everyone rides. You don't stop just because you are old. People seem very fit and healthy even though smoking seems to be more prevalent than in Australia.

 We've had a great time in all the Scandinavian countries. They all have similarities and differences but overall, they seem to have it pretty much together.  In most places we have encountered crowds. Not just the tourists but it's summer here so locals are on holiday and doing a bit of travelling around too. Apparently the weather hasn't been too good either, lots of cold and rain, so everyone is out and about at the moment while there is some sun to enjoy.

 Time now to get packed up ready to move on to Ireland tomorrow. I imagine that will be very different. I'll attach a couple of photos just to wet your appetite.

 Hope everyone is well. Love from Relle and Bruce