24th July, 2016


President's Message


Firstly let me thank everyone for your attendance last night it was great to see so many club members at the meeting. The roster system for setting up and collecting money looks to be going fine so thanks to all members for helping to share the load and remember if you cannot make the night you have be allocated you simply have to ring and organise to swap with someone or have someone stand in for you.

Thank you to our guest from the D.A.L.E school Marjorie, Michelle and Bronwyn for giving us an insight to the school and the challenges that young single parents face in trying to finish their education and improve their lives for themselves and their children. You ladies speak so very passionately about the school and your students, we as a community are very lucky to have such dedicated people like yourselves working in roles like this and giving so many young families the opportunity to feel that they fit in are loved and are very valuable members of our local community. I look forward to visiting the school in the coming weeks with Jan and Annette.

It was very nice to see Mark Izzard last night visit and see that he doing and looks so very well.

Roshni has started to get commitments from those that would like to be Centurions again this year, last year we had 14 it would be nice to get every member a Centurion this year given that’s it’s the Foundation 100 year so if you intend to become one please let Roshni or myself know. You can bring the $100 donation along to the meetings to be collected, and please remember only give what you can afford.

Please come along next week and lets have a great turn out to hear Naman Sinha ( Roshni and Rasik son) talk about health and the importance of movement for all ages and his thoughts on how to engage the local community in healthy activity. 

Why not invite a friend or someone you know that maybe interested in maybe joining Rotary. We have had a couple of potential members visit so far, let’s see if can get at least one visitor or potential member join us EVERY week. Remember if you don’t ask people if they maybe interested in joining Rotary then you will never know if they are interested.

Please remember to reply to Maurie as early as possible if you are attending meetings, this will make life a lot easier for him.  


Yours in Rotary



Note from eNewsletter / WEB Editor

My plan is to complete Newsletter and emailed to all subscribers by 3pm on Friday. If you have any details / updates / articles / items of interest to be published please try and email to me by COB on Thursday. Want to get members involved in "whats up"

Your attendance and meal orders for Wednesdays meeting must be sent to me by 10am on the Wednesday, giving me time to correlate the information and place dinner orders with Hali by mid day.

Thanks, Maurie


Rotary District 9685 eNews

District Governor's eNews July 21st, 2016



Club Program Officer - Torin O'Grady 

If your name is allocated and you cannot make the meeting it will be your responsibility to make contact with other Rotarian's attending and organise someone to take your place. 

Meeting 27th July 2016

                       George Abourizk and  Justin Dover

Meeting 3rd August 2016

                       Brett Herbert and Helen Hellyer

Meeting 10th August 2016

                      Bruce Hodges and Torin O'Grady

Meeting 17th August 2016

                     David Knight and Jacqueline Allen

Maurie & Graham will continue to book the meals and organise visual PC's etc. each week and will email an attendance list around mid day on the Wednesday,  to the 2 people on duty that night. Please print and bring the list with you.




Please use the link below to indicate your attendance and meal selection for this week

 It is imperative that your indication is made prior to 10am Wednesday as the meal order is given to the club at this time.


17th July, Grandparents BBQ

President Mitch was the soul attendee from RCNT and reported that it was a great day and was nice to catch up with some of the grandparents and members of the other clubs Kariong Somersby and The Entrance, who attended and helped cook the BBQ for lunch.


Last Week 20th July, 2016

Speaker -D.A.L.E school Marjorie, Michelle and Bronwyn 

Many thanks for giving us an insight to the school and the challenges that young single parents face in trying to finish their education and improve their lives for themselves and their children. 



Next Week - 27th July, 2016

Speaker: Naman Sinha

Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics, Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, Instructor of 5 entire systems of Chinese Kung Fu

Naman will be outlining a plan for increasing the perception of physicality in the community and linking it to existing resources and businesses.

The son of Rotary members Roshni and Rasik, Naman came to Australia from Canada in 2013 in hopes of enacting a plan of his own design which will offer the community a greater understanding of health and wellness. He will cover both the long-term vision as well as an overview of the first phase (implementing this plan on a local level). The goal is to create a modular designed system that can be used in other communities in the future. This idea strives to make the central coast the type of community where the health and wellness of its residents is an integral part of life. 









27th July                               Naman Sinha 

3rd August                            Barry Phillips Rotary Fellowship

9th August                            Board Meeting - 5.30pm Halli Board Room

10th August                          Graeme Davies - Rotary International/District/ Club Differences

17th August                           Sharon Crean - Beyond Waters

26th August                           Annual Charity Golf Day


Whats Up


Past Presidents Now In New Zealand

Past Presidents Gloria & Bill O’Dowd – relocated to New Zealand and now members of Inglewood Rotary, a club of 17 members. Gloria words “they are a funny lot of "buggers", we have very casual formal meetings and the gong goes a lot because we all talk too much haha”

The club only has three set events per year and 3 fun events for the club. Gloria will be putting together a programme for Primary Citizen Awards but due to the class sizes in 5 country schools out of 7, she will be changing to the Northlakes Toukley format and is looking forward to putting it in the schools programme for next year.

“Tuesday night we played indoor bowls after the meeting and Rotary won against the Inglewood Indoor Bowls team.”

On-Line Inglewood Newsletter Click below:




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