10th July, 2016


President's Message

Well week one down, thanks to everyone who was at the meeting last night. A special thanks to our guests for the night Gemma Bolton from The Transformation Centre at Dooralong who gave a good insight to centre and how it runs, hopefully if the members are interested we will do a site visit and see for ourselves the wonderful work they are doing in our community for people with addictions.

To Stuart our local Salvation Army Captain thank you for joining us and you are welcome at the club any time you would like to visit. To Christine Hornery and Blake Dibben who came along as guests and to have a look at what Rotary is all about, we all hope you enjoyed the evening and we hope you will join us in serving our community. If either of you have any questions please contact me.

Next week the 13th July there is NO meeting, but for board members we do a have a meeting Tuesday the 12th July at the Hali 5.30pm sharp hope all board members can join us.

Meeting for the 20th July we have Marjorie Lamrock and I think two of the students from the D.AL.E School. For those who were at the pride of workmanship awards one of the students from their one of our awards. The D.A.LE school students are single parents and give them the opportunity to finish their education in supporting environment. The school has male and female students and is great story and I know Jan the RAWCS team are looking at the school for maybe a localized grant which would be fantastic. Please come along and hear their stories.

Why not invite a friend or someone you know that maybe interested in maybe joining Rotary. We had two potential members visit this week let’s see if can get at least one visitor or potential member join us EVERY week. Remember if you don’t ask people if they maybe interested in joining Rotary then you will never know if they are interested.

Any way enough jib a jabber from me for this week. Keep safe and hope to see you all on the 20th July 2016. Please remember to reply to Maurie as early as possible if you are attending meetings, this will make life a lot easier for him.  


Yours in Rotary



Note from eNewsletter / WEB Editor

My plan is to complete Newsletter and emailed to all subscribers by 3pm on Friday. If you have any details / updates / articles / items of interest to be published please try and email to me by COB on Thursday.

Your attendance and meal orders for Wednesdays meeting must be sent to me by 10am on the Wednesday, giving me time to correlate the information and place dinner orders with Hali by mid day.

As an experiment I have added a "Whats Up" section to the end of the Newsletter, for members and friends to share any information that maybe of interest to our subscribers. For example any members with a Small Business may want to advertise a special deal or sale to attract new business. This week congrats to PP Phil Cohen - see more below. 

Thanks, Maurie


An Important Announcement

Club Program Officer - Torin O'Grady 

Following discussion with P.Mitch it has been agreed that we need to allocate responsibilities to members with regards to helping share the various duties that need to take place at our Wednesday and event meetings, "sharing the duties"



              A. DINNER

              B. PIGGY - FOUNDATION

              C. GENERAL FUNDS

              D. PICK-A-CARD MONEY



If your name is allocated and you cannot make the meeting it will be your responsibility to make contact with other Rotarian's attending and organise someone to take your place. 

Meeting 20th July 2016:

                         Person 1- Jenny Abourizk and Person 2 - Annette D'Adam

Meeting 27th July 2016

                        Person 1 - George Abourizk and Person 2 - Justin Dover

Meeting 3rd August 2016

                       Person 1 - Brett Herbert    and Person 2 - Helen Hellyer

Maurie & Graham will continue to book the meals and organise visual PC's etc. each week and will email an attendance list around mid day on the Wednesday,  to the 2 people on duty that night. Please print and bring the list with you.



Rotary District 9685 eNews

District Governor's eNews July 7th, 2016


Board Meeting 12th July, 2016


Reminder all Club Officers we have a Board Meeting at 5.30pm on Tuesday 12th July. Board Room Hali Bowling Club


This Week 13th July, 2016



State Of Origin


Following Week 20th July, 2016

Speaker - Marjorie Lamrock Head of D.A.L.E Young Parents'

Located in the Better Futures Hub

D.A.L.E. Young Parents’ School is an alternative education program that has been established for the Wyong local government area. This is part of the Federal Governments initiative to support school aged young people who have had or are expecting a child.

The people who are working to deliver the program include: St Phillips Christian College-Gosford (the school responsible for the educational program) Youth Connections.com.au program for staff (community networking and support) and the Federal Government

(providing Communities for Children Funding through the Benevolent Society) Funded by the Australian Government Department of Human Services under the Better Futures local Solutions initiative.

This program has on-site child care run by qualified child care staff who mind children in a nurturing environment while students study.

The program offers Board of Studies courses for Year 9 to 12 students. It is also supplemented with workshops on parenting, lifestyle skills, nutritional cooking and other relevant topics.

REMEMBER On Wednesday 11th May, the first young dad at D.A.L.E. Young Parents' Wyong, Alex Bennett, was awarded the Pride of Workmanship - Youth Award by Northlakes Toukley Rotary Club for his efforts in attaining his education while raising a young child.


In 3 Weeks - 27th July, 2016

Speaker: Naman Sinha

Bachelors Degree in Human Kinetics, Diploma of Remedial Massage Therapy, Instructor of 5 entire systems of Chinese Kung Fu

Naman will be outlining a plan for increasing the perception of physicality in the community and linking it to existing resources and businesses.

The son of Rotary members Roshni and Rasik, Naman came to Australia from Canada in 2013 in hopes of enacting a plan of his own design which will offer the community a greater understanding of health and wellness. He will cover both the long-term vision as well as an overview of the first phase (implementing this plan on a local level). The goal is to create a modular designed system that can be used in other communities in the future. This idea strives to make the central coast the type of community where the health and wellness of its residents is an integral part of life. 


Last Week 6th July, 2016

Speaker: Gemma Bolton

As P.Mitch mentioned in his weekly message, Gemma gave us a wonderful insight into the Dooralong Transformation Centre, giving us all a good understanding as to how the facility operates and in my case the need to find out more and perhaps with other members attend the Wednesday dinner. 


17th July, Grandparents BBQ

Special Note From President Mitch

We would love your support

The Grandparents raising Grandchildren BBQ at the Miniature Train Centre Narara  will be held on Sunday 17th July from about 10am to 2pm if anyone would like to join me and see how our fundraising from the sale of Christmas trees is put to good use, that would be great. Read the latest Newsletter by clicking on the Grandparents banner above.

 Click On Newsletter banner to see current Grandparents June 2016 Newsletter






14th July - Annette D'Adam

16th July - Lyn Thompson

19th July - Ken Smith




13th July                               NO MEETING 

17th July                               Grandparents Raising Grandchildren BBQ

20th July                               Majorie Lamrock Head of D.A.L.E School

27th July                               Naman Sinha 

26th August                            Annual Charity Golf Day


Whats Up


A proud PP Phil Cohen reported the following - we all congratulate you and your family.

London: The unthinkable has occurred at Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic, the holder of all four grand slam titles, has been beaten in the third round by world No.41 Sam Querrey,  7-6 (8-6), 6-1, 3-6, 7-6 (7-5). Extraordinary.

Sam is Phil's great-nephew, his brother Jacque's grandson.


Phil's reaction "am I proud? - you bet"


Read more: