3rd July, 2016


President's Message


First congratulations to Past President Jenny and her board for a very successful 2015/2016 year, you have achieved an outstanding result for the Year. Congratulations to Past President Ken Smith who is retiring from the club and was last night awarded a Paul Harris Sapphire pin for his outstanding contribution to Northlakes Toukley Rotary club and Rotary itself, we wish him and Maryann every success for the future and hope you will stay in Touch.

Thanks to all those that were able to come along to change over on Wednesday night and help make it a very successful night. Hope everyone enjoyed the venue and meals provided by the Fuel Depot and I would like to thank Mel, David and staff for making us very welcome.

As I stated at change over one of our major focuses for the year would be Membership and I would like every member to try and introduce at least one new person to the club. If you don’t ask people if they are interested than you will never know if they are. I have spoken with three people over the last week and they were quite interested but had not thought about it as NO body had asked them before. If anyone has any ideas on how we can attract new members please email so we can consider. Also Matt our Membership director is a little snowed under at the moment so if you are able to help Matt on membership that would be greatly appreciated please let me Know.

Also this year we are going to have several guest speakers from the District team visit and educate us a bit more on Rotary and the roles within Rotary. If there are any particular areas that you would like to have discussed then please let me know so we can try and included them. The areas that I am currently looking at are Foundation, Youth, Membership, Public relations and communications.

Torin will soon be putting out a roster for Dinner meetings, two members each dinner meeting night will be asked to set up the meeting room, collect all monies for meals, pig etc and fill out the appropriate forms to account for the money and also help serve meals if required and then pack up all the Rotary stuff and but it back in the cupboard at the HALI. If you are unable to make the night that has been allocated to then it will be your responsibility to change with someone else.

That’s all for this week looking forward to seeing you all on Wednesday night with our Guest Speaker Lyndel Taylor from Dooralong Transformation Centre (the old Dooralong lodge) which is now a recovery centre for people who have been adversely affected by Alcohol, gambling and drugs. Should be a very interesting talk considering the drug problem and the ICE epidemic that’s on the coast and indeed across the country at the moment. Please come along and let’s have a good great attendance to start the year off.


Yours in Rotary



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As an experiment I have added a "Whats Up" section to the end of the Newsletter, for members and friends to share any information that maybe of interest to our subscribers. For example any members with a Small Business may want to advertise a special deal or sale to attract new business. To kick things off I have given details of FUEL DEPOT who gave us a great evening for Changeover.

Thanks, Maurie


Congratulations "Sapphire" Ken - well deserved and is our feature picture of the week.


This Week 6th July, 2016




 Speaker: Lyndel Taylor

Lyndel is the Assistant Manager of Dooralong Transformation Centre which is operated by the Salvation Army.

Dooralong Transformation Centre offers addiction recovery services to people adversely affected by alcohol, other drugs and gambling. DTC provide a range of services and support to addicts, families and significant others whose lives have been effected by addiction. These services can include group discussions, one-on-one sessions, alcohol and drug education, chapel services and work active therapy and vocational training. The Centre is an abstinence based, drug-free environment and programmes provide a holistic treatment service that will help achieve physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. 





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Next Week 13th July, 2016




Following Week 20th July, 2016

Speaker - Majorie Lamrock Head of D.A.L.E School

D.A.L.E. is a Dynamic Alternative Learning Environment for students in Years 5 – 10 who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder, social and emotional difficulties or a mild intellectual disability.

REMEMBER On Wednesday 11th May, the first young dad at D.A.L.E. Young Parents' Wyong, Alex Bennett, was awarded the Pride of Workmanship - Youth Award by Northlakes Toukley Rotary Club for his efforts in attaining his education while raising a young child.


In 3 Weeks - 27th July, 2016

Speaker - Namam Sinha (Roshni and Rasik son)


Mamam will be giving a talk on health and the importance of movement


Last Week 29th June, 2016



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Special Note From President Mitch

We would love your support

The Grandparents raising Grandchildren BBQ at the Miniature Train Centre Narara  will be held on Sunday 17th July from about 10am to 2pm if anyone would like to join me and see how our fundraising from the sale of Christmas trees is put to good use, that would be great. Read the latest Newsletter by clicking on the Grandparents banner above.



8th July - Justin Dover




13th July                               NO MEETING 

17th July                               Grandparents Raising Grandchildren BBQ

20th July                               Majorie Lamrock Head of D.A.L.E School

27th July                               Namam Sinha 

26th August                            Annual Charity Golf Day


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