12th January, 2015


First meeting of the new year

21st January, 2015

BBQ at the Lyn and Allan Thompson residence

Everyone is encouraged to bring a friend who might be interested in joining rotary.


President's Message 

Welcome to 2015 -  The Year of the Sheep(/Goat) and International Year  of Light – may the year bring you and your family health, happiness & prosperity. Club members were certainly busy in December ensuring 2014 finished on a very high note – Torin and his team of Club members & friends conducted a very successful fund raising event –Xmas …

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At the beginning of this Rotary year, I asked Rotarians everywhere to Light Up Rotary by holding a Rotary Day. How you do this is something I'm leaving up to you: It can be a full day or just a few hours. It can be organized by your club, by your district, or even across your entire country. It can be a service project, a festival, or any kind of event you want. As long as it's open to the community, embraces the whole family of Rotary, and is fun, it's a Rotary Day.

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Board Report

 The final   Board meeting for 2014 was held on 17th December at Lyn and Alan Thompson's home at Kanwal.  All Board Members and Chairs for the Avenues of Service were present. to enjoy Lyn and Alan's hospitality and Alan's special BBQ sausages. The meeting passed a number of motions including: $300 donation to Smart Pups towards a …

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Calendar Changes

At the October 2014 meeting, the RI Board modified the Rotary International calendar of special observances to highlight the Areas of Focus. 

 The new calendar is:

 July:  This month does not have a special designation

August:  Membership and Extension

September:  Basic Education and Literacy

October:  Economic and Community Development

November:  The Rotary Foundation

December:  Disease Prevention and Treatment

January:  Vocational Service

February:  Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution

March:  Water and Sanitation

April:  Maternal and Child Health

May:  Youth Services

June:  Rotary Fellowships


ANZAC Centenary Garden

ANZAC Centenary Garden As part of the ANZAC Centenary commemoration events being planned for 2015 Concord Repatriation General Hospital would like to create a respectful, elegant garden space in the grounds at the entrance to the hospital. This would make a huge impact on the wellbeing of people visiting their loved ones at “The Repat”. Waiting time is always tense …

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Christmas Tree Sales

While we are still waiting for the final results it would seem we have taken just under $10,000.00 for our club and about $40,000.00 across all participating Coast Clubs - A GREAT EFFORT

Pp Torin O'Grady


End Polio Now


 As we look back on 2014, we have made tremendous progress in the fight to end polio. Here is a review of all of the major milestones that we reached this past year. Click on the links provided to read more about each story.

On March 27th the World Health Organization’s South-East Asia region was declared polio-free. India, once deemed the most difficult place to end polio, recorded its last case in January 2011 – a remarkable triumph that opened the door for the entire region to be certified polio-free. (CNN.com) 

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• Colin and Ruth Stephens


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