10th April, 2016


President's Message

Well what a great day our Race day was last week. President elect Mitch Cowan always organises a wonderful day each year and this year he really excelled.  Nobody can say that they didn't have a good time and everyone outdid themselves in the generosity they displayed in supporting all the fundraising activities that took place.

Central Coast Area Health was the major beneficiary of this year's race day and we should be able to provide a number of chair and bed alarms that will benefit the well being of both patients and staff.

My sincere thanks to the race sponsors.  Without your support it would not be possible for us to provide the help we do to our local community.

• Vietnam Veterans Keith Payne VC Hostel

• Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

• Lake Macquarie Sheet Metal

• Job Centre Australia

• Family Chips Pty Ltd (McDonald's)

• Nailery Australia

• Emerge Solutions

• Twin Lakes Air Pty Ltd

I would also like to acknowledge Parties-a-Breeze for the table decorations, Event Cinemas for 12 months of movie tickets for both Fashion on the Field prizes and auction prizes. Also the following for supplying auction items:  Fuji Xerox for a printer, Past President Bill O'Dowd for a framed South Sydney Rabbitos jersey, Haier for a wine fridge, and Wyong Race Club for the starting gate experience.

Thanks again to everyone involved as it looks at this stage that we will have raised well over $15,000.

Our Community Raffle is moving along very nicely and I have had have more tickets printed.  All tickets do need to be in by 15th May but this still gives time for sporting and community groups to get involved.  If you are, or know of, such a group please let me know and I will ensure that they can get tickets.

Finally don't forget that this Wednesday is our second End Polio Now movie night.  If you haven't booked your tickets do it straight away. You don't want to miss out.  


This Week

13th April

Last chance to book.  Payment can be made at the cinema. Please complete the booking form (link below) as the cinema needs some idea of numbers 24 hours prior.  However if you find you can come at the last minute just turn up and look for the Rotary table in the foyer.

For more information and booking form click the link below




Last Week

Charity Race Day

Pictured is President elect Mitch Cowan hard at work on the Charity Race Day.

Congratulations Mitch on another successful day.  Our President's message above has a list of sponsors and those donating prizes.  It is because of the generosity of such people and organisations that a day like this is possible.

Central Coast Area Health provided a demonstration of the bed and chair alarms that we will be able to donate and there is no doubt that they will be a valuable addition to the resources available to Wyong Hospital..

To view a photo gallery of the day click on the link below.

Thanks to photographer Maurie Schokman






APRIL 2016

Many years ago, in Kolkata, India, I had the chance to meet Mother Teresa. She was an incredible woman with an incredible force of personality. When she walked down the street, the crowd parted in front of her like the Red Sea. Yet when you talked to her, if you mentioned the tremendous things she had done, she almost did not engage in this topic at all. By many reports, if you asked her what her greatest achievement was, she would answer, "I am an expert in cleaning toilets."

The answer was both humorous and absolutely serious. Her business was caring for others. Toilets had to be cleaned, so she cleaned them. There was no question of a job being beneath her. Helping people who needed help was her work, and there was nothing higher, nothing in the world more important than that.

So one day, when an elegantly dressed man came to Kolkata looking for Mother Teresa, the nuns who answered the door informed him that she was at the back of the house, cleaning the toilets. They pointed the way, and indeed he found Mother Teresa scrubbing the toilets. She said hello, assumed he was there to volunteer, and began explaining to him how to hold the toilet brush correctly and how not to waste water. Then she put the brush in his hand and left him standing there, in his expensive suit, alone in the lavatory.

Later, the man came out, found Mother Teresa again, and said, "I have finished; may I speak with you now?" "Yes, certainly," she said. He took an envelope out of his pocket and said, "Mother Teresa, I am the director of the airline, and here are your tickets. I just wanted to bring them to you personally."

That airline director told that story again and again for the rest of his life. He said those 20 minutes spent cleaning toilets had filled him with the greatest joy he had ever known – because by putting his hands to Mother Teresa's work, he became part of that work. For those 20 minutes, he cared for the sick just as she did: with his own hands, his own sweat.

That is exactly the opportunity that Rotary gives us. We might not do what Mother Teresa did – give up our lives, our homes, our families. But for 20 minutes, 20 hours, 20 days of the year, we can be like her.

We can do the work that others will not with our hands, and our hearts, and our sweat, and our devotion – knowing that what we do is the most important work in the world.


Special Invitation

The rotary club of Umina Beach will be having a vocational visit to the Preview Restaurant on the 25th may, we are inviting other clubs in the area to join us. The restaurant seats 45 and our club will take about 25 .

The cost is $30 pp for 3 courses including tea and coffee. The students will be designing the menu and have a winery in the hunter and we will be able to try their wines .

*The Preview Restaurant is the training restaurant for hospitality students at the Ourimbah campus TAFE and provides an outstanding dining experience.

*Give this opportunity some thought and complete the RSVP form




Saturday 16th April...........................District Assembly

4th May.................................New Members Information Night

11th May................................ Pride of Workmanship

8th June..................................Benefactors Night